1. G’day, M! And another fun beginning which leaves the imagination – among other things – dangling on the precipice of…

    So, I hope you don’t mind that I have employed a little initiative and initiated a possible ‘time-line’ of events that follow ‘mom’s’ perspective on…things, now that she’s neither home nor alone.

    Posted on my blog at:


    P.S. I’ve got a little more of a twist in mind, but it’s still just in my head.

  2. Hello,can you do me a favor for a request,i wanted you to make me a story that i(15)and my big big brother(21),andre swapped into my mom and dad,my brother are studying in his university outside the city and i was studying at school but the great shift hit both of us and our parents,my mom katherine(35)and my dad(39) ,henry.i swapped into my mom and my big brother swapped into my dad and once we swapped we know that its irreversible so we decided to get useed to our new body so we decided to talk but finally our hormones make us wanna fuck each other and we found a condom which on my mom’s drawer and we want to try it out bcs we’re scared if my moms body going to be pregnant but we just changed our mind and fucked each other until my mom in my body goes home ,thx

    You could you use any picture but its better if its asian.Thx so much

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