Felt cute, might swap back later

“Hi, it’s Katie, I’m out back,” I chirped into the microphone.
I stood back and waited for the manager to come and unlock the cafe door for me. As part of the bargain with my girlfriend, I would be able to swap bodies with her for the day on the condition that I go to her job. I readily agreed because, I mean, look at me now!
I picked out a cute white dress and a little cat ear hairband. It was the outfit that drove me wild whenever my girlfriend wore it and now it was my turn. The feel of the dress swishing across my legs made me shiver with delight. The feel of so much bare skin on display was both a little scary and a little fun.
I put on a big smile for my manager as he opened the door for me. I knew how fucking cute I looked and, judging by the brief and barely noticeable pause from the manager as he stared at me, he did too.
Fortunately, I was kept busy enough all day serving customers that I didn’t have any time to stop and think about the body I now possessed. That would have to wait until I got home.
It was so much different than when I worked in a cafe as a guy. Now other guys flirted with me and I felt their eyes on my body. I wanted the full female experience and while I could see how getting ogled by men all day could be terrible, for me it was a vacation and I loved every second of it.
By the time my girlfriend picked me up after work I was exhausted. But not too exhausted to stop us from going to have some fun together.

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