Fed Up: Controlled by the Bully Part Three

The conclusion of the dark and twisted Controlled by the Bully series is now available on Smashwords!

I have to escape from inside my mom’s body before the bully forces the ultimate act of humiliation on me.

Douglas is waiting for an opportunity to escape back to his own body and free himself of Brandon’s control. But Brandon has other ideas. He wants a willing slave, someone who will be completely devoted to him.

He wants Douglas to be his forever.

But first, Brandon’s going to make Douglas say one last intimate goodbye to his own mom.

The conclusion of the dark, twisted trilogy involving male to female body swapping, MILFs, mind control, forced feminization, forced masturbation, MMF, forced pleasure, interracial, and steamy erotic scenes.

As I started driving I left one hand on the wheel and let the other hand run over Brandon’s thigh.

What are you doing?” He asked, staring over at me.

I– I don’t know,” I lied, hoping I sounded halfway convincing. “I still feel like, I want you near me. Master.”

He smiled at the last word. “Looks like my commands really took hold.” Then his smile darkened and he thumbed the device. “Tell me the truth. Are you really still my whore?”

My mind raced. I had to do anything he told me and offer my body to him whenever he wanted. What else did that make me? I tried not to show my relief when the simple affirmative, “Yes,” sprang from my lips.

Brandon nodded, apparently satisfied.

When we got inside my apartment it was dark except for a light on in my room.

Get out here,” Brandon yelled.

A few seconds later my original body appeared in the doorway. It was my mom in there, of course. She was naked and gripping her cock, still stroking herself even as she attempted to walk down the hallway.

Oh, shit, I don’t want to see that. Stop it.” Brandon laughed. “Come over here and you two look at each other.”

My mom hobbled into the living room. I couldn’t imagine what she’d been through. Her cock must have been rubbed raw from masturbating. I saw streaks of dried cum around her lips and wondered how much of my own cum she’d consumed. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from her, nor could she stop looking at me.

Please…” she began, but Brandon cut her off by pressing the button on the device.

Shut up. I just came back to tell you that sweet tits here is coming away with me. I’m going to fuck her til she can’t walk, then let my boys have their fun. I’ll probably be done with her and you can have your body back in about twenty years. Once it gets old and fat. And in the meantime you can do…whatever, I don’t care. Have fun being a skinny nerd or whatever. But I thought you’d like to say goodbye. So go ahead, fuck each other like lovers.”

At that my body took over. I stepped towards my male form, sliding my hands lovingly across the rough contours of my former face as I pressed my mom’s lips against my old body. My mom slid her hands around my back, her fingers warm on my skin, as we kissed deeply and passionately, as if we only desired each other. I opened my mouth and invited her tongue inside. She tasted pleasantly sweet as our tongues met. Her hands slid down my backside and over the curve of my ass, cupping one cheek in her hand as I pressed my huge breasts against her chest.

We kissed slowly, enjoying the closeness of each other. This forced intimacy was easier with my own body, both familiar and strange. My mom brought one of my own hands up and cupped my neck, her thumb brushing gently against my chin as we continued slowly kissing. Her cock pressed against my belly, the heat of it making my feminine body so warm.

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