Family Affair (Preview)

You may have noticed I’ve released a book every weekend in November. Well, I’m planning to release a new book every weekend in December, too, to add a little spice to your holiday reading!

My latest book, Family Affair, is too taboo for Amazon, and features explicit descriptions of sexual situations between a mother and son. Check out the preview below and buy the story only on Smashwords!

Michael was embarrassed to be seen clothes shopping with his mom in the mall. But when two strangers took control of their bodies, the day got much worse. Trapped in their own bodies, mother and son can only look on and experience every sensation as they’re forced to get more intimate than they’ve ever imagined.

This 6000+ word story contains explicit situations involving hot, passionate sex between a mother and son, as well as elements of mind control and forced possession, and is only for mature readers.

My hand came up and slid gently across my mom’s cheek and guided her face towards mine. I had no time to think before my mouth opened and my lips met my mom’s. I wanted to gag but instead I was forced to open my mouth and suck in her tongue as her hot breath filled me. My nose was pressed against her cheek and I could smell her light, floral scent.

And that’s when I understood that whatever had happened to me, whatever entity had possessed my body, the same thing was happening to my mom. We were forced to carry along as two strangers controlled us, as I was forced to suck on my mom’s tongue while she pressed her body against me. I felt myself growing hard as my mom’s breasts pressed against me. My mom must have felt it, too, because she reached down and slid her hands gently across the bulge in my pants before breaking off the kiss and smiling up at me. As I stared into her familiar face, at her dark eyes so wide, my face so close I could see every slight wrinkle, every gentle curve, I dreaded to think what the body thieves were planning.

We headed to the movie theater near the other end of the mall, still holding hands, our fingers entwined like lovers. It may have been my imagination but I thought I caught looks from other people that we passed, as if they were wondering what a college aged guy was doing with such an older woman. I tried to exert some control over myself, tried to force my feet to stop, to untangle my hands from my mom’s warm fingers, but I couldn’t send even a flicker of a motion through my limbs. I was well and truly trapped inside my own body.

We bought two tickets to the next show, the body thieves controlling us little caring what it was. My mom paid while my body fidgeted, picking at my fingernails, someone else’s habits expressed through my body. I followed my mom inside, my eyes flicking down to her rotund ass, followed the shape of the dress over her rounded curves. We found a seat in the back. There were only a few other people scattered around and no one near us.

As the movie started and the room went dark, my body pushed up the arm rest between us and my lips returned to my mom’s mouth, tasting her once again. This time my hand came up and found her breast, heavy and firm beneath her dress and bra. I squeezed her tit as she sighed into my mouth. I wanted to scream, to run away, but the stranger inside me forced me to continue making out with my mom, caressing her breast, even as I grew hard.

There was a fumbling at my pants, my zipper was opened and then my mom’s hand wrapped around my rock hard cock. She began stroking me. Long, firm strokes up and down my shaft as her tongue circled the inside of my mouth. Fuck, she was making me so horny, the stranger overriding my horror with his lust.

My body pulled down the neckline of her dress and fumbled with the bra, using both hands to free her heavy tit from the cup of the bra. Her breast filled my hand, weighty and warm, and my lips came down to meet her soft skin. And then I was sucking on my mom’s tit as she sighed above me, her nipple pebbling out in my mouth as I teased it with my tongue. I suckled and kissed her breast, my body clearly enjoying her warmth, as she moaned softly.

One of my hands slid down her body and then along her leg, under her dress, brushing against her warm thighs. She spread her legs for me, inviting me in, her hand still stroking my cock.

No! No! No! I screamed inside, as my fingers found the rough trail of her pubic hair, followed it beneath her damp panties, and landed on the moistened lips of her pussy.

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    1. It’s a backlog of work that’s been building up in reserve, so January will be back to publishing every other week. No way can I keep this up indefinitely!

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