Eric and Mrs. Miller (Part 3)

Eric finished wiping his face in the bathroom and stared in the mirror at his new reflection. Mrs. Miller’s face stared back at him. He was trapped in her body, stuck with her severe face, her long black hair tickling his back and his ponderous breasts hanging down in front of him. Mrs. Miller had forbidden him from getting dressed for the rest of the day, saying she had a special surprise for him.

“Eric!” Mrs. Miller called out in Eric’s booming voice from inside his body, “Come out here.”

Eric opened the bathroom door to find his old body standing in the hallway grinning.

“What were you doing in the bathroom to my body?” she asked.

“Nothing.” He replied, hating the hoarse voice coming from his new body.

His old body eyed him, then said, “You want to know what your body can do? You’ll find out soon enough, but first…” He held up a pair of high heels. “Put these on and get cleaning. The house is filthy and I want my sexy little maid to clean it all.”

Several hours later Eric had finally satisfied Mrs. Miller with his housecleaning. The house had been scrubbed from top to bottom and Eric was exhausted. He dragged his middle aged body upstairs and found Mrs. Miller waiting for him with a pillow and a plug-in back massage wand.

“Good job, Eric,” she said, “Now I’ll let you have a little relaxation. Go ahead and play with my body, I know you want to.” She switched on the massage wand and handed it to him, then threw the pillow on the floor. “Right here, where I can see you.”

Eric didn’t want to do anything to his temporary body but he had no choice. He lay down on the floor and began pleasuring himself. He rubbed the vibrator between his thighs and, to his surprise, found himself getting turned on. He drew his legs together and pressed the vibrator towards his clit. Against his will he found himself moaning and writhing on the floor, pleasurable vibration coursed through his body and his breathing intensified. Mrs. Miller stroked her growing erection as she watched Eric move one hand to his large, baggy tits and played with them, squeezing and pinching as his pleasure intensified. She grabbed her powerful shaft as Eric’s body pulsated and without warning he climaxed, though it felt as if he had lost control of his bladder as his juices spurted from his pussy, soaking the floor. But Eric was too engrossed in his pleasure to stop, he continued writhing, vibrator forced against his pussy as his ass writhed on the soaking floor until finally he climaxed again, shooting another spurt of juices onto the floor accompanied by his frenzied moaning. Slowly he came down and relaxed, until the world came back and he felt his cold juices running down his thigh.

“You’ve made another mess, Eric,” Mrs. Miller said as she stroked her stolen cock. “Now clean it up.”

Eric started to rise but Mrs. Miller stopped him. “No, with your tongue.”

Eric shot her an angry look but did as he was told. He lowered his lips to the floor and, with his ass high in the air, slurped up the mess he had made.


Eric forced himself to crawl around the floor in his unwieldy body, licking and swallowing each tangy, musky mouthful. When he was just about done, Mrs. Miller finally came, shooting her load onto the floor beside Eric. Eric didn’t bother resisting, he just rolled Mrs. Miller’s tongue over his cum and drank it down. Mrs. Miller smiled.

“Now you can get dressed,” she said, “My daughter will be home soon, and she won’t want to see your fat, naked ass around here.”

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  1. And this is day what of the week?

    Sounds like the former Mrs. is simply training the new one to be a live-in chamber maid who polishes the man-of-the-house’s knob… on permanent basis!
    Either that, or mommy is taking out her years of servitude to her daughter’s father on her – how helpless – suitor to ensure her baby-girl doesn’t suffer the same.


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