Eric and Mrs. Miller (Conclusion)

Eric woke up the next day hoping everything was a dream but the minute he opened his eyes and saw Mrs. Miller’s bedroom he knew it was true. He sat up in bed and his long, black hair cascaded down his shoulders as he stared down at his tits hanging low and heavy on his chest. No, at Mrs. Miller’s tits, dammit, he wasn’t going to start thinking of this body as his. These dimpled thighs, this stomach with it’s faint criss crossing stretch marks, these sagging breasts, they were all Mrs. Millers and Eric was determined to get his body back.

Mrs. Miller came over, practically strutting in Eric’s body and put him to work early this morning. Her study was cluttered with papers, books lay everywhere and she wanted it all cleaned up. She unzipped her pants and crudely pulled out Eric’s cock, “If you want this back,” she gloated, “be a good girl and do what I say. Now clean this shit up.” Eric was dismayed to find his body responding to the sight of his old dick, brief flashes of him wrapping his new lips around the tip swirled through his mind, but he shook it off and got to work.

Midway through the morning he got to the bottom drawer of the desk. As he dropped some papers in he heard a hollow thunk. A closer look at the drawer revealed the outside looked a bit deeper than the inside. Eric felt around and slipped his long nails into the bottom of the drawer to gently tease open the false bottom. Below it was an old book filled with words in elegant script and some papers with a few notes. Eric glanced out the door but saw no sign of Mrs. Miller. Carefully he flipped through the book, but it was written in an old script and a foreign language. He turned his attention to the notes, the writing was feminine, probably Mrs. Miller’s handwriting, and talked about the magic spells in the old book. On the second page Mrs. Miller had written notes about the body swap spell along with the translation. Eric grew excited, here was his way out! Mrs. Miller’s notes said that the only way to reverse the spell was to recite it while having sex.

Eric slipped the page out of the book and began memorizing. He folded it up into his bra and all throughout the rest of the morning he pulled it back out to read until he had the whole thing memorized.

That afternoon, Eric tiptoed into Mrs. Miller’s wardrobe and found a slink black dress with ripped sleeves that fit his body perfectly. Looking at his body in the mirror he had to admit that it made Mrs. Miller’s body look amazing. The dress held his large breasts firmly in place, clung to his hips and stretched tight across his big butt.

Eric went downstairs and made lunch for Mrs. Miller then brought it into the bedroom where he was lying down, idly flipping through channels on TV. Eric made sure to exaggerate the sway of his hips as he entered the room.

“Making me lunch and I didn’t even have to tell you. My, my, you learn quick.”

Eric leaned down to place the plate on the bed, allowing Mrs. Miller a close-up of his heavy breasts. He knew she couldn’t resist, and he was right. Mrs. Miller reached up and squeezed one of her former tits. “You’re body’s hornier than I thought, Eric. These old tits of mine are giving me a giant hard on.” She said as she leered up at him.

Eric leaned his head close and whispered in Mrs. Miller’s ear, “Why don’t you try it out on me?”

Mrs. Miller’s smile grew bigger. She stood up and pushed Eric onto the bed and began pulling up his dress. Eric raised his ass in the air and felt his former hands grab him roughly. They squeezed his butt, gave it a smack, the sweet sharp pain rolling up through Eric’s body as pushed his ass further up, moaning with each smack, half faking but quickly realizing his body craved it. His thighs grew moist as a hard heat was pressed against his nether lips. Before Eric could think twice his former cock was inside him.





The solid heat filled his feminine body and he clenched his pussy tight around it as Mrs. Miller rode him surprisingly gently. Quietly Eric began reciting the spell as Mrs. Miller continued to pump him from behind, faster now, thrusting his whole cock deep inside Eric’s slick pussy and almost breaking Eric’s concentration with the unexpected pleasure. Eric recited the last line of the spell and heard a loud crack, like thunder, roll through the room. At the same time he felt the cock inside him spasm as his former body groaned and then Eric’s pussy was filled with a heat he never knew he’d wanted. They thrust together as Eric was filled with his former body’s load and then, just as suddenly, he stopped and pulled his cock out of Eric’s pussy. Eric felt cum sliding down his thighs and felt pleasure and confusion. He turned to look back at his former body and caught him laughing.

“Ha ha! You said the spell, now the switch is permanent!”

Confusion. “But, it said that was how you reverse it.” Eric whined, still in Mrs. Miller’s body.

“I put that there hoping you would find it. God, that was pathetically easy. I faked the notes. The spell would have worn off on its own in a week but now this young body is mine!”

Eric was stunned. He couldn’t speak as he realized the full force of what had happened. It was a trap and he’d fallen right into it. Now he was stuck in Mrs. Miller’s 40 year old body, stuck with her life, forever.


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  1. Very unimaginative if ya ask me…..most of these kinds of stories end like this. Just once Id like to see something completely out of the box

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