End of the year

So we’ve reached the end of another year. I want to thank everyone for reading and I’m so glad to hear how many of you enjoy my caps and stories and also thank everyone who’s submitted requests. Some great ideas in there! Isn’t that really one of the best things about the internet, though? That you’re not alone in your fantasies? Everyone wants to be a unique snowflake in real life but when it comes to sexual fantasies you really want to know you’re part of a blizzard. That you’re not weird, or strange or that they’re all gonna laugh at you. And that’s kind of what this blog is about, projecting my fantasies into the ether and seeing if there’s anyone else out there. So, really, thank you all for being in a blizzard with me.

I do read all requests and emails even if I don’t always respond. I’ve actually got so many requests it’s impossible for me to fill every one! I may be changing how I do things in the new year because there are a lot of good ideas that just get buried before I can get to them. In the mean time, have a happy new year!



  1. Merci, pour vos histoire, certaine je déteste, d’autre j’adore. Pour ma pars je suis plus sur les possession, bodyhopper, chose courante et absorption, assimilation et fusion qui sont très rare à mon gout! Si vous pouvez en faire?

    Amicalement. DrougAel

    PS: Bonne fête de fin d’année à toutes et à tous!

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