Don’t know if I can do this

“I don’t know if I can do this, Mrs. Wilson,” Tim said, nervously wringing his hands.
It was weird enough being in his friend’s mom’s body without having to act like her, too. Tim was keenly aware of the silky hair draping down his face and the way that his top barely covered his thighs. True, he was wearing a swimsuit beneath it, but a woman’s swimsuit was basically underwear!
“You’ll have to call me Tim now,” she replied. “It’s just for a day. Just go enjoy being an adult.”
Tim had agreed to swap bodies with his best friend’s mom so she could be closer to her son, who had been distant lately. Tim had a crush on her and would do anything she asked. But now, actually being in her body, he was having second thoughts.
“What if your husband finds out?”
“He won’t. Nobody will suspect a thing, trust me. Any questions just text me.”
Before Tim could say anything else she ran off to find her son and hang out. Tim wandered around his new living room, getting used to the way his body moved and swayed. As the weirdness started to ebb the excitement began to creep in. Here he was, in the body of his friend’s hot mom, and he could do anything he wanted with her!
He pulled open the neck of his shirt and peered down into her beautiful cleavage. He could stare at it all day now! He soon stripped off his top so he could admire the rest of her body. Even though it was his now it was exciting to gaze at. Maybe even more exciting because he could move her and feel everything. His own body was beginning to turn him on and soon he would get to know his best friend’s mom in the most intimate way he could.

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