Don’t do shy no more

Request: Can you make a caption where a guy hires a prostitute to possess his crush’s body who is the typical shy and cute girl? Then she will offer to keep it forever and live as a couple as long as he lets her use her new body for the job. You can also include body modifications or outfit change if you want to

Veronica didn’t trust her fiancee so she came up with a plan to test him by using her witch’s magic to temporarily transform herself into Candi, the blonde stripper who keeps buzzing around their table at the strip club. When Veronica returns to her body she finds that her memories are slowly changing. Is it a flaw in the spell? Or something more nefarious? Find it on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.

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  1. oh my god it really did work this time i’m i’m a woman now and here i am on a bed legs spread wide open and about to be fucked as a woman i’ve got breast now and a vagina pussy between my legs oh my god my whole body is just very differnt now it’s a female body and oh my god this is just what i really have always been wating to be the one lying on her back and being fucked like a girl oh my god i’m i’m coming now and i think i’m i’m going to be pregant! god i hope it’s a girl!

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