Request: A daddy Dom and little girl swap. You know, those relationships where there’s a daddy Dom and little girl? Anyways, can you do one where the little girl forces a body swap on her daddy Dom?

Kim and Tony had daddy dom/little girl relationship. Tony would protect Kim and lavish her with gifts. In return she would submit to him fully, taking care of his wants before he even needed to voice them.

One day Kim found a body swap spell and, wishing to know what it’s like to be the strong one, used it on the pair of them. She instantly found herself in Tony’s hard body. She flexed her muscular arms, ran her strong fingers over her rock hard abs and stroked her new cock under her pants.

Kim’s body ran into the room in tears, wondering what had happened. Kim soothed her former body, calmed her and stroked her hair. She was surprised at her new attraction to her old body and before long the two succumbed to their desires, falling into the role of their bodies.

Kim flipped Tony’s feminine body over and slid her yearning cock into Tony’s moistening pussy. Seeing her former ass cheeks clench around her cock drove her to new heights of ecstasy.


Tony found his feminine body yearning to please his new master. Just before Kim came, Tony yelled out “Wait.” Then flipped around and squirmed under his former cock. He knew what his body wanted.

“Cum on my face.” he commanded in a sultry whisper.


That was all Kim needed. she couldn’t hold back as her yearning heat overwhelmed her and she came, hard, all over her former pretty face until the warm cum rolled down Kim’s lovely cheeks.

They stared at each other in lusty silence, each hoping the other didn’t want to swap back.


  1. I would have asked Kim to cum inside me, consciously being aware of the permanent sealing as the opposite sex at the same moment that delicious cum is released inside me. – Tom –

  2. Cool role reversal. I see the body wants what the body wants and the mind living in it is just along for the ride . . . lol


  3. Wow! Very hot! Definitely like that Kim initiated the swap and Tony quickly discovered how much he enjoyed his new sexy little body. I think they’ll love each other even more this way. 😉

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