Devil on Your Shoulder (M2F Body Theft) Preview

Daniel’s always being picked on by the trio of mean girls at his school, so when a demon appears and offers him the chance to possess their bodies for some humiliation, Daniel jumps at the offer. But there’s always a catch, and Daniel may soon find that his anger comes back to hurt him in Devil on Your Shoulder, available on Smashwords, Amazon , or wherever ebooks are sold.

For the first time in a long time, Daniel was excited to go to school. He had to wait until his third period English Lit class, which he shared with Emily. The students filed into the classroom, Emily taking her customary seat in the back. She was poured into her blue and white school uniform, the blazer fitting to her hourglass figure, the top clinging to her breasts and her tight skirt showing off her amazing little rear.

Daniel waited, fingers drumming his desk excitedly until Emily went up to the front of the classroom to fill in one of the exercises on the whiteboard. Her blonde tresses flowed down her back, and Daniel locked his eyes on her delicious ass as she picked up a marker and began writing.

“Put me in, boss,” Daniel whispered.

Immediately the world jumped, and suddenly the whiteboard was right in front of him. He was clutching a marker in delicate fingers, in the middle of writing the word ‘Hamlet’ in flowery cursive. Emily’s fine hair tickled down his neck. He could feel the uniform clinging to his body, felt the new balance of himself with his wider hips and heavier chest. He ran his tongue along the inside of Emily’s mouth, exploring the shape of his teeth, tasting her cherry lip gloss. Daniel looked down at himself and was met with a glimpse of Emily’s cleavage below the white school uniform. The shirt was high cut and showed no cleavage, but the outlines of her breasts pushed out tight beneath the white fabric.

He dropped the marker and turned to face the classroom. He noticed his old body in the back row was slumped across the desk, seemingly asleep.

“Thank you, Emily,” the teacher, Mr. Grimsley, said.

Daniel ignored him and unbuttoned his blazer with a hand that was now delicate and smooth, the nails polished and perfectly curved. He dropped the blazer to the floor and grabbed his breasts. He squeezed them as some students in the class tittered nervously. Emily’s tits felt so good beneath his fingers. They had a wonderful perkiness and were fun to bounce in his hands. He bet they’d feel even better out of her bra.

“Emily?” Mr. Grimsley asked.

Daniel swiped a pair of scissors off Mr. Grimsley’s desk. He grabbed the bottom of his shirt and held it taut as he sliced through the fabric, cleaving the shirt in half. He had to really bear down to snap through the underwire of the bra but the scissors did the job. Daniel slipped out of both items of clothing and his breasts wiggled free, much to the awe of the class. His tits were small but magnificent, perfectly formed, the little strawberry-pink areolae studded with nipples that were already sharpening in the cool air. He brought his hands up and grasped them. He could easily fit one in each hand and he squeezed, enjoying the firm-softness of Emily’s tits as he gazed down at himself. He jiggled them as he stared down at himself, enjoying the sensations as his breasts bounced, enjoying watching himself manipulating a body he’d been desiring for so long. His thighs grew warm with excitement.

“Oh, shit,” someone in the class called out in amazement.

Daniel looked up and winked as he continued playing with his perky little breasts.

“Emily!” Mr. Grimsley yelled, horrified but frozen in disbelief.

The class was staring at Daniel, dead silent, as Daniel continued making Emily caress herself. He brought a hand up over his face, feeling his soft new features, the tiny nose, the smooth skin, the slightly chubby cheeks, before returning back to his tits. God, Emily was amazing to feel, and the attention of the classroom on his golden body was delightful. He slid his fingers across his angel soft skin, tickling himself and releasing a tiny giggle.

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