Deviants (Part Two) – Preview

In the erotic conclusion to Deviants (Part One), the body possession machine has become incredibly popular, with guys lining up to have their fun inside the bodies of the high school girls that Ross has under his control. But Melissa and her friends have put together the clues and are determined to put an end to it all. Available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

Melissa put the helmet back on and booted it up. This time a simple menu came up with five options.

“What are subjects one through five?” Melissa asked.

“That means there are fiver girls with those things on their necks that are able to be controlled.”

Melissa gritted her teeth. It was even more than they had suspected.

“I have to warn you,” Faith continued, “The only way this is going to work is if someone else is already in the person you pick. So they could be doing…anything. Once I’ve got a lock on the other person I’ll push you into their body.”

Faith helped Melissa lie back on the bed. Melissa tried not to think of when the last time the sheets had been washed. She had to focus.

“When you’re ready,” Faith continued, “Say ‘Begin program subject five’. When you’re done say ‘end program’.”

Melissa took a deep breath. Might as well see who was last to be taken. “Begin program subject five.”

Her body blinked out of existence. Suddenly she was standing in someone else’s bedroom staring at Jessa, who was staring back at her. Someone—a young man—was standing behind Jessa, his arms wrapped around her waist. Melissa could feel the pressure of the man’s arms, feel his gentle kisses on her neck, and realized she was looking in a mirror. Jessa had been taken, and now Melissa was inside her.

It was difficult for Melissa to get her bearings at first with all the sensations from Jessa’s body assaulting her mind. Jessa was plumper than Melissa, heavier and with wider thighs and a bigger butt. She had a cute face, with wide, innocent green eyes. Her jean shorts were already unbuttoned and her plump ass was pressed back against the man behind her, already a throbbing hardness was making itself felt from within the man’s pants. Jessa’s dirty-blonde hair tickled Melissa’s shoulders, and her brow was wrinkled, eyes half closed as she stroked the man behind her. Melissa could feel the contrast between Jessa’s body type and her own. Jessa was balanced differently, the extra padding in her butt and thighs shaping the way she shifted and moved. The sights and sounds of the world were slightly different filtered through Jessa’s senses.

Suddenly, the man’s hands were sliding up her new body, lifting Jessa’s white v-neck shirt, revealing a little hint of her slight paunch of a tummy. Melissa went to stop him, to grab his hands and thrust him away, but Jessa’s body didn’t obey. Instead, Melissa found her arms rising into the air to let the man pull the shirt up and over her head. She tossed back her blonde hair and the man—a young guy with spiky blond hair and a sharp, weasle-ish face—leaned leaned on her shoulder, wrapping his hands around her and clasping them across her tummy as they gazed at Jessa’s body together. Melissa felt a smile appear on her face, reflected on Jessa’s face in the mirror, as her hands began roaming across her new form, jiggling her little stomach. Melissa had no control over Jessa’s body. She was stuck as a passenger, forced to experience her own friend getting naked with a stranger. With no control she couldn’t even end the program. She just had to hope Faith worked fast. Melissa tried to look at the man behind her, to remember his appearance so she could pick him out later, but she was distracted by the strangeness of the situation, and the way her body yearned to give itself to the man.

The man kissed Jessa’s shoulder and a delicious shiver went through her. Then he unclasped her bra and Melissa found herself slipping it to the floor, her hands coming up on their own accord to grasp her friend’s tits. They were smaller than Melissa’s, just two slight peaks topped with pink nipples that were already growing erect. But they were much more sensitive. As her new fingers pinched the fat nipples, her body shook with a brief flare of pain-mingled pleasure. Despite Melissa’s disgust at seeing her friend naked, at being manhandled by this creep, Jessa’s body was warming, a growing desire building within her. It must be the man inside Jessa, pushing his desire through her body to be picked up by Melissa.

Melissa wanted to scream, to run away. She didn’t want to watch her friend get topless and fondle her breasts, didn’t want to watch Jessa wiggle her butt back against the man and squeeze her tits, but she had no choice. The stranger inside seemed to take great joy in Jessa’s body, running her hands up and down herself, taking a handful of her stomach and jiggling happily. The young man’s hands slid up behind Melissa, and now he, too, was fondling Jessa’s tits. Melissa found herself sighing and laying her head back. His hands felt so incredible across her body, as though that was exactly what she needed. The man’s desire grew and he pressed his hardness against her backside, both of them wanting it.

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