Deviants (Part One) – Preview

Ross has invented a device that lets him control anyone’s body. Together with a group of friends, he uses it to possess a group of sexy young women and have fun in their bodies. But things get out of control and soon the whole system may be exposed, leading to an end of their pleasure in Deviants (Part One), available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold.

He slipped the latch between the door and the doorjamb, letting the door fall nearly shut until it caught on the latch. Then he pulled out the helmet. It was made of a series of struts attached to various circuit boards, and crisscrossed with wires and diodes. He sat on the bed and strapped the helmet onto his head. Two small sensors pressed gently against his closed eyes. Others latched on gently but firmly around his skull, and the base of his neck. He adjusted himself on the bed to get comfortable, finally managing to prop his head between two pillows so that the central sensor didn’t jab him in the back of the neck.

He reached up and felt for the switch near his ear. Turning it on, he felt it power up and a display came up:


After a few seconds it synced up with the tab Ross had placed on Kimmy’s neck. And the display changed:

Subject 1

“Begin program,” Ross said.

The whir of the processor sped up, and he gradually lost consciousness.

The world faded back in slowly, the sounds of the convention goers around him dialing up from nothing. He was standing in the middle of the hall and he faltered slightly, grabbing a nearby display for balance as his consciousness slowly filled Kimmy’s body. In a few seconds he had complete control of her. He was, for all intents and purposes, Kimmy. A few people asked him if he was all right and he waved them off as he stood, marveling at how amazing it was to hear Kimmy’s voice from inside her own head.

Ross looked down at Kimmy’s dainty little hands and wiggled the cute fingers, so different from his former chubby body. Everything felt lighter and smoother. He tucked his hair back behind an ear, fingers brushing against his soft warm cheeks. Turning to the lobby, he hurried out of the hall and up the elevator, his skirt brushing against his bare thigh at each step. He was aware that people were staring at him, admiring his costume and perhaps ogling his body. Ross couldn’t help smiling, his cheeks growing warm at the thought of so much desire directed towards him. He’d never been the object of attention before and it gave him a warm feeling in his center.

When he finally reached his room he slipped inside before flipping back the latch and letting the door lock completely. Walking into the bedroom, he saw his former body stretched out on the bed. It was breathing slowly but otherwise seemed so lifeless. Ross poked it, running his new hands across his old, stroking his former chin, feeling the scratchy stubble there. There was no sense of any feeling of his own touch. He was completely and entirely Kimmy.

Ross turned to the mirror to admire his new form. Kimmy’s cute face—half normal, half Mystique—smiled shyly back at him. He moved closer and made some faces at himself, watching Kimmy’s face respond to his commands—biting her lip, screwing up her cheeks, sticking out her tongue. The sound of her tiny laugh when he giggled was intoxicating. She was alone with him and he could make this Japanese school girl do anything he wanted.

Ross unbuttoned his costume/jacket and slipped out of it, followed by his skirt/pants combo. He found her real glasses in a pocket and put them on before turning to the full length mirror. Kimmy stared back at him from the reflection, a sly smile on her face. A light pink bra stretched across her perky little breasts, and matching lace panties clung to her thighs. He took the time to admire her smooth skin and adorable figure, twisting his torso to get a good glimpse from every angle, running a hand along the curve of her ass and squeezing her cute butt. She wasn’t a supermodel, but that’s what Ross liked about her. She was your girl next door. Cute. Innocent. And all his.

Ross looked down at his chest as he brought Kimmy’s hands up and squeezed his bra, pushing his slight breasts together before letting them drop back. He circled his hands over her skin and down her cleavage, his body warming as he made her fondle herself. Slipping his hands through his hair, he pushed it up and let the brown waves cascade over his shoulders as he wiggled his hips for the mirror. Kimmy’s body was a dream to move in.

Reaching behind his back, he found her bra strap and fumbled with it for a bit before managing to unclasp it. He let it drop to the floor and ogled her breasts. They were small but perky, little slopes ending in tan areolae. He cupped them in each and and jiggled experimentally. Her nipples were already growing hard as diamonds while his thighs burned with desire, a strange sensation of an inner tension and an outer loosening. He watched his breasts bounce beneath his fingers, pinching the nipples and stretching them then releasing them to watch them snap back. Kimmy was always so fun loving but conservative online, never wearing much more revealing than a t-shirt and shorts. With a sudden burst of desire, Ross rolled her panties down her legs and kicked them off, staring down at her bush, a neatly trimmed triangle of coarse black hair pointing down to perfect little pussy lips, still tucked together but already waiting to open for him.

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