Despite his efforts

“No, I don’t feel like it,” Adam said as his girlfriend, Becky, ran her new masculine hand along the curve of his hip.
“Come on,” she whispered, kissing the back of his neck and pressing her erection up against his backside. “We’re not going to get this chance again.”
“I didn’t want it in the first place,” Adam insisted.
Adam and Becky had gone on a trip with Adam’s parents and checked into Swap Hotel. Adam was hoping to wake up in the body of a hot, young stud and pleasure his girlfriend. Instead, Adam ended up in his mom’s body, while Becky ended up as Adam’s younger brother.
Adam had brooded all day, hating the fact that every time he looked down at himself he saw his mom’s tits. Becky tried to cheer him up but he just wasn’t having it. When they woke up the next morning in bed, Becky had morning wood and was eager to try it out.
“I know how to make you feel amazing,” Becky whispered as she kissed him.
Each kiss sent little shivers through him and, despite Adam’s best efforts, he felt himself getting turned on as Becky caressed him and teased his body into arousal.

Aliens have abducted Neil and his best friend’s hot mom, swapping their bodies and experimenting to see how far they’ll go in their new forms in Close Encounters, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.

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