Demon Seed (Preview)

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Spoiler: This story contains cousin/cousin, sister/brother, and mother/son incest!

Jay expects a weekend away with his mom, his sister, and his cousins to be boring…until he unleashes an ancient demon. She’s a lust demon, forced to obey Jay’s will and with the ability to possess any woman Jay orders her to.

Jay’s weekend just got a whole lot more interesting. With the demon’s help he sets out to do everything he’s always wanted to do to his three cousins: the blonde cheerleader, the half-Indian nerd, and the stoner hippie chick.

But what Jay doesn’t know is that the demon grows stronger with every sexual encounter and is planning to break free of Jay’s control and bend the entire world to her will. Can Jay stop her in time? And what–or who?–does he have to do to stop the demon from freeing herself?

Jay stuck his hands deep in his pockets and trudged out into the woods, following what looked like an overgrown trail. As he walked, lost in grumpy thoughts, the trail petered out and towering trees soon blocked out most of the summer sun. Thin branches and sharp nettles soon blocked his path and when a branch whipped across his face it brought Jay back to reality and he looked around him. Had he gone off the trail?

Jay paused. The sky was almost entirely blocked by trees and it was eerily quiet. The only sounds were his own footsteps crunching through the undergrowth as he turned to try to find the way he’d come from. He didn’t see any sign of the trail. He began to panic, walking first one way then the other. Nothing looked familiar. He always heard stories of people who got lost in the woods, usually idiots who’d gone of the trail. Jay just never thought he’d be one of those idiots. He turned once more, took a panicky step and tripped over something hidden in the leaves.

Looking down towards his feet he saw a strange glimmer in the grass poking out from beneath a tangle of dead leaves and branches. He sat up and pulled the debris away. Beneath was what looked like a crudely carved stone hand protruding from a thick base that disappeared beneath the ground. In the stone hand’s grasp was a large, worn crystal. It was slightly reddish in color and thickly marked with deep scrapes and divots.

Jay grabbed the crystal and tried pulling it out from the stone fingers’ grip. There was some resistance, but it came loose with a little jiggling. He held it in his hand and examined it. The crystal was a rectangular cube about the length of his palm and it was warm to the touch. As he was examining it he became aware of a presence nearby and looked up sharply. There was a faint figure of a woman standing over him.

She was tall and pale, with wide hips and firm breasts hidden beneath a tight, red leather corset. Her legs were long and firm, her thighs smooth and inviting. As Jay watched, a slender red devil’s tail flicked out from behind her. She had a narrow angular face, wide set red eyes with snake-like black pupils and dangerous looking white teeth. She flicked her head to the side, sending her jet black hair waving across her back as she stared down at Jay with a hunger in her serpentine eyes.

Thank you for freeing me, Master.” Her voice was luxurious and husky, oozing with sexuality.

Jay scrambled back against a tree as she took a step closer. She was terrifying and alluring even with hardly any physical presence. Jay could see through her body to the trees behind, and her step didn’t make an impression on the dead leaves.

Wh-what are you?”

I am a demon,” she replied, “I thought the tail would have been a dead giveaway.”

Her tail flicked around her thighs once for emphasis, and brushed across her skin, hinting at deep desires.

What do you want?” Jay asked.

What do you want, Master?” She asked, kneeling in front of him. “My name is Nadjal and I serve the one who holds the crystal.”

Despite her odd serpentine eyes she was the most gorgeous woman Jay had ever seen. Certainly the most sexual.

Nadjal? You- you serve me?”

She nodded. Jay slowly got to his feet and Nadjal remained on her knee, following him with her eyes.


I can possess females…and make them obey your commands.”

What about men?”

Men will obey me when I am female. They cannot resist.” Again her tail flicked out and slid sensually across her breasts.

She continued: “You just need to touch someone with the crystal and I will enter them. I have been trapped for untold eons and my power is weak, but with much use it will become strong.”

She flickered from view from an instant and when she returned Jay thought he saw a spasm of pain cross her face.

I must return to the crystal. But if you put me in a body we can grow my power together, so I may serve you.”

Before Jay could say anything else the demon disappeared.

Faintly, in the distance he heard someone calling his name. He pocketed the crystal and called back.

Over here.” He yelled.

By calling back and forth Jay eventually made his way back to the path, where he found his mom waiting for him.

Where the hell did you go? You had me worried sick!” Meghan cried, as she picked twigs and leaves off his shirt.

Geez, chill, mom.”

Don’t tell me to chill. Don’t you ever go off in the woods without telling anyone. You understand?” Her brow furrowed in anger.

Yeah, yeah.”

This is serious, young man.”

I’m legally an adult mom, I can go off an get lost in the woods if I want. Anyway, I found this.”

He pulled the crystal out of his pocket and touched it to his mom’s bare arm. She jolted slightly, as though from a static shock. Her anger evaporated instantly.

Master…” It was his mom’s voice, but she seemed to be straining with effort. “What is…your wish?”


She nodded.

I can make mom do anything?” Jay asked.

I cannot…do anything…she would not…yet.”

Hmmm…what about?…Jump up and down.”

His mom obediently started jumping up and down, her long black hair flying wildly out around her head and her large breasts bouncing with her.

Ok, stop,” Jay grinned.

His mom stopped.

Touch your nose.”

She did so.

This is awesome! Call Chelsea a bitch.”

His mom’s jaw struggled up and down briefly. “I…cannot. Yet.”

Ok. Ok.” Jay was intrigued by the possibility of his new power. “Then…treat me like the favorite and treat Chelsea like shit.”

Did I make you upset by yelling? I’m so sorry.” His mom said, placing a hand on Jay’s shoulder and looking into his eyes. “Can you forgive me?”

She embraced him.

Come on, do you want to have some beer? Maybe some food?” She asked, rubbing his back. “You must be so tired and cold. Poor thing.”

Meghan smiled and kissed him on the head before turning and heading back to the cabins. Jay could make his mom do anything: give him money, be his servant, punish Chelsea. This would be great!

In the back of his mind, Jay wondered if he could make Nadjal possess anyone else for a different kind of fun.

The rest of that day passed uneventfully. Jay kept an eye on his mom but she seemed unchanged, except for the fact that she seemed to be doting on him. She would fetch his drinks and clear his plate while laughing heartily at all his jokes. At the same time, she gave Chelsea the cold shoulder, practically ignoring her used-to-be-favorite child. Jay smiled as he watched her once again snub Chelsea and have to be reminded to cut her a slice of the cake for dessert.


That night, after the adults had retired to their cabin, Meghan said goodnight to her siblings and made her way upstairs to her own room. She’d felt so odd after finding Jay in the woods, sort of fidgety but slow, like she had this energy she needed to do something with but her thoughts were thick, like struggling through molasses.

Meghan slipped into a loose fitting pair of pajamas and snuggled into bed. Nadjal had only been able to loosely guide Meghan’s thoughts ever since possessing her. She’d been too weak from her eons of entrapment in the crystal to do much else. But as Meghan’s mind began to drift into sleep, the demon pushed forward into her body. Nadjal could sense the sexuality in Meghan’s body, the way she moved, the way she spoke, even the thoughts she hid were filled with hidden sexual energy that would feed Nadjal’s power if she could unleash it.

As Meghan lay on her back, Nadjal slowly guided Meghan’s hand down to her chest and lay it across one of her heavy breasts. It felt so good to have a body once more, to feel the fleshy weight of her new tits beneath her fingers. Nadjal made Meghan caress herself, gliding her stolen fingers sensually around and beneath one breast. Meghan was half asleep, in that hazy state where thoughts started to collide and nothing seemed real. As her own hand caressed her tits she grew warm, stretching her legs and sighing gently as she allowed the desire to flit through her. Meghan’s growing arousal fed the demon’s power and Nadjal pushed herself into Meghan’s other hand, bringing it to her chest as well. Nadjal pulled Meghan’s top up slowly and grasped her bare breasts for the first time.

Both hands squeezed the meaty flesh gently and pulled the nipples lightly into the air before letting them snap back. Meghan’s nipples grew erect at the demon’s touch and a sigh escaped her lips as she stared down at herself while she fondled her sensitive tits. It was like seeing them for the first time; she’d never known how wonderful they looked and felt. An ember flared between her legs and the demon guided Meghan’s hand down her soft belly to her slight mound. The demon enjoyed her new body; she felt maternal and powerful. Her mature body had birthed babies, expanded and grown, ripening and becoming softer and rounder with age. Being in the body of her master’s mother would enable her power to grow exponentially.

Nadjal made Meghan’s finger slide over her mound and trace her bristly pubic hair down between her legs, brushing across her slit as the lips of her pussy loosened and she grew wet for herself. She brushed her hand across the outside of her pussy, dancing across each thigh, back and forth, teasing herself but not yet dipping inside. Meghan tossed her head and spread her legs, moaning softly as she grew ever wetter with lust. She needed to penetrate herself but couldn’t quite make her body obey. The desire within her was growing out of control. With Meghan’s defenses down the demon forced herself further into Meghan’s body while at the same time pushing Meghan slowly back into her own mind. Nadjal’s dark presence spread through Meghan’s soft body. Now Nadjal could control everything down to the tips of her toes. She wiggled them, delighted to finally control a physical body. She could smell Meghan’s musky moistness and the force of her desire hit her. She felt gloriously alive and deliriously warm and so, so, horny.

Meghan eagerly acquiesced to the force within her that was guiding her hand down, and she allowed her fingers to slip inside herself. She sighed lightly as her fingers finally penetrated her warm folds. Slight tendrils of Meghan’s consciousness still held onto her body as Nadjal slipped two fingers inside herself. The lips of her new pussy folded over her fingers, encasing them in her own warmth. She stroked her budding clit, sending an electric current up her body that pulsed to the rhythm of her fingers. Nadjal moaned in Meghan’s voice for the first time. The hand across her breast moved faster as the other sank deeper inside herself, pushing hard up against her now swollen clit. She arched her back and released a long, low moan as a gentle orgasm flashed through her. She paused to enjoy the crest of pleasure, and when it passed she slipped another finger inside herself, forcing her body onward.

Nadjal stroked her new body hard, rubbing faster as her legs writhed and she wiggled her ass into the bed, delirious with want. There was a deep itch she needed to satisfy if she could just push harder, harder., sinking deep into her wet warmth..and then she climaxed. Her hips thrust up, her eyes squeezed shut, and she clamped the hand around her heavy tit as a tremendous burst of pleasure shot through her entire body. She cried out as Meghan’s orgasm filled her.

With this last gasp she pushed Meghan entirely out of her body and at last had complete control. Nadjal felt Meghan’s consciousness trying to fight but it was too late. Meghan would be locked inside her own mind, forced to experience everything as the demon manipulated her body for her own pleasure.

As the orgasm evaporated Nadjal floated down to her new form. She held her hands up in the air and wiggled her fingers, laughing Meghan’s sexily husky laugh. It had been too long since she’d last had a physical form and enjoyed all the pleasure that it entailed. She slipped a finger into her mouth and sucked on her new musk. She intended to multiply her power and her pleasure. And she was positive she could get Jay to help her without even understanding what he was doing.

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  1. That was actually really good, the concept seems really unique and the story is told in a way I don’t want to lose interest. good job.

  2. I loved this story, the only thing that I’d like for the story is its ending, maybe just the opposite that happened in there would’ve been great, a more serios and darker ending.

    1. No, unfortunately. There are 2 issues with that: 1) Most online retailers would classify it as porn rather than erotica and refuse to publish it. 2) I don’t own the images so I can’t make money off them.

      So for now it’s only the images on the website previews.


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