Request: A guy swaps with girl he has a crush on, who doesn’t like him, he wakes up as her after making a wish to “be where she is”, and has sex with her boyfriend, without the boyfriend knowing they’ve swapped. Meanwhile the girl wakes up in his body, shocked, and disgusted when she realises who it is


  1. jay was both now l kind of elated and crushed to being very depressed because now he was finally a real girl just moments ago he had still been male with theses long standing secret desires to be female but now she really was a girl and now she was getting fucked in her new pussy her new breast bouncing and jiggling with ever thurst inside of her pussy oh oh oh my yes yes yes please she began crying as she was being permanetly completly totally changed altered turned into a real girl forever oh oh oh i’m going to be pregant now whispered suzy ann!

  2. Super hot! I absolutely LOVE the pic and the caption is so excellent! I almost feel bad for Melody for suddenly losing her sexy body in the middle of riding her boyfriend, but I’m sure Ralph will do a great job finishing what she started! I wonder if he’ll tell Derrick ever, though? 😀

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