Corporate Bodies

A company executive tries out a prototype memory-sharing device with his two secretaries, knowing that a glitch will result in his single consciousness controlling all three at once. Seeing what they see. Feeling what they feel. And enjoying every sensual inch of their bodies in Corporate Bodies, available on Body Swap Stories, Smashwords and Amazon.

Oliver is an executive in a laboratory testing out a prototype device that allows multiple people to share memories. He tests out the device with his two secretaries, and discovers that the machine can split one mind into multiple bodies.

When the button is pressed Oliver finds himself controlling three bodies simultaneously. It’s not easy seeing through three pairs of eyes, standing on three pairs of legs, touching with three pairs of hands. But once he gets the hang of it, it’s well worth the effort. Now in the body of himself, his MILF-ish busty secretary and his young college grad secretary, Oliver sets out to enjoy every inch of their bodies, joining them together in an exquisite group encounter.

When Oliver’s boss discovers what he’s done Oliver’s afraid he’ll get in trouble. Instead, his boss wants in and Oliver is happy to oblige.

Oliver placed his palm on the scanner beside the shiny metal security door leading to the labs. The light above the door blinked green and the metal door slid into the wall with a soft whir. Oliver strode through the door while Evelyn, his seasoned secretary, followed behind, her heels clicking confidently on the tiled floor. Luna, behind her, hurried to keep up. She clutched her electronic pad to her chest, looking around with wide eyes at the buzz of activity behind the windows of each lab that they passed.

Occasionally a technician in a white lab coat would greet Oliver as they passed. He always enjoyed coming down to the labs. The spark of electric components and the smell of rubbing alcohol gave him the sense that important things were happening. This was where they actually did things, as opposed to planning and talking about them for years like up in the executive suites above. Oliver kept close tabs on the progress of each project, not just because making sure they continued was his job, but because it was fulfilling seeing work accomplished, limits pushed, scientific boundaries broken. When it was over down here they had something tangible, not just a spreadsheet and graphics to show investors upstairs.

Oliver paused to peek into the window of the nearest lab. He crossed his arms and watched as technicians in full body protective gear fiddled with tubes of liquid. Oliver had no idea what they were doing or how it worked. He just knew if he left them alone and gave them enough creative freedom they would come up with something. The crew in lab 3A certainly had.

Evelyn and Luna had stopped and were looking through the window into the lab as well. Oliver caught Evelyn’s reflection in the window as she stood slightly to the right and behind him. Her silky brunette hair hung in soft waves down to her shoulders. A navy blue skirt and blazer combo clung to her shapely figure, swelling out over her expansive breasts, tapering down to her belly before flaring out gently once more over her hips. Confident, organized, and sexy as hell. She was slightly younger than Oliver, who had just turned 40, and he would take her over any of the fresh-out-of-college secretaries in the firm – like Luna – any day. Though if everything worked today as he expected, he would definitely be taking them both.

Luna, drawn by curiosity, stepped closer to the window and peered in. Oliver allowed himself a brief glance at his newest secretary. Her black pencil skirt followed the perfect curve of her ass, which, if this was still the 1960s, Oliver would have just reached out and grabbed. A modest white blouse fit snug to her upper half, the top unbuttoned to reveal just a hint of her mocha cleavage, the light fabric highlighting her delicate chest and slender figure.

“What are they doing in there?” Luna asked, just the hint of an Indian accent evident in her voice.

Oliver glanced at her. “No idea.” She looked up at him, a wide-eyed look of awe on her pretty face. “But I hope it works.”

Luna had the naivety of the young. Though she was competent, she lacked Evelyn’s confidence.

“They’re expecting us,” Evelyn prodded him.

“It’s good to make them wait,” he responded jovially.

Evelyn arched one exquisite eyebrow at him. “But can you wait?”

“Am I that easy to read?” Oliver laughed.

She shrugged. She’d been his secretary for six years and knew his moods. He was eager to get down to 3A to try out the latest technology, but he held himself in check, priding himself on his ability to stay composed in even the most stressful circumstances. Luna glanced back and forth between the two of them and hugged the tablet closer to her chest. There was something extraordinarily alluring about her innocence.

Oliver turned away from the window and headed down the corridor towards 3A. It was at the end of the hallway, behind another metal security door. Oliver again placed his palm on the screen and the door retracted. Oliver stepped into the lab and turned to watch Luna’s look of wonder as she gaped around.

Monitors everywhere displayed numbers and text incomprehensible to the layperson, graphs and charts of steady oscillations. Buttons blinked rapidly from consoles everywhere. A jumble of wires snaked across the floor, beginning at a towering metal cylinder covered with more screens and ending in three easy chairs. The easy chairs had been converted into scientific monstrosities, with wires and colored diodes and more small display screens studding the sides.

A small, balding man in a lab coat adjusted his wire rimmed glasses nervously as he moved to greet Oliver. “Hi, Mr. Bassinger.”

“Jacob,” Oliver said, accepting the man’s weak grip.

Jacob glanced at the two secretaries then lowered his voice and spoke to Oliver. “We haven’t quite been able to isolate the anomaly yet.”

Oliver waved his hand. “I’m sure it will be fine. The board is meeting this afternoon for a presentation and I need to have something to show them.”

“I really think we should fix this bug before–” Jacob began to object again.

Oliver placed his hand firmly on Jacob’s arm. “Jacob. If we don’t do this now we’re apt to lose all funding for this project. If it’s liability you’re worried about, consider this an order. People can blame me later but I want to run this now.”

Jacob looked like he was about to argue some more but Oliver lowered his head and fixed him with a serious stare. Jacob nodded. “Okay.”

Oliver wasn’t worried about the anomaly. He welcomed it. That was the whole reason he was here with Evelyn and Luna. To try out the bug in the system with them.

“Great,” Oliver beamed. “Let’s try this out.”

Jacob and his two assistants helped Oliver into the middle chair. They attached electrodes to his face and around his head. These were simply to track his health. The real technology was the electronic brace, a slim C-shaped piece of metal with three blinking red diodes on it, the short arms on either end bending and then locking into place to keep the thing positioned on the back of his neck. When Oliver was connected, they turned to Luna and Evelyn.

“Who’s next?” Jacob asked.

“How does this work again?” Luna asked as they coaxed her over to one of the other chairs.

“The theory is pretty straightforward,” Jacob began. “We create a digital copy of a neuron from a sender, and through resonant enhancement we can twin that neuron in a receiver.”

Luna looked doubtfully at Jacob. Evelyn stepped in and put a hand reassuringly on her arm. “It’s like copying from a USB to a laptop, except with thoughts.”

“Exactly!” Jacob agreed. “That’s good. I’ll have to keep that in mind.”

“So, like…” Luna licked her lips nervously. “His thoughts will be inserted into my head?” She nodded to Oliver.

“Exactly,” Jacob said, pushing his glasses up his nose. “Instantaneous knowledge transfer.”

“Of a specific thought. Targeted.” Oliver added from his chair, hoping to reassure Luna. “It’s not like you’ll suddenly know everything I do.”

“Plus,” Evelyn said, squeezing Luna’s arm. “Just for trying out this tested technology, you’ll get a raise.”

Luna looked at Evelyn for a beat, then nodded. As she wiggled into the chair, her skirt bunched up and she shifted it back down over her mocha knees. Oliver forced himself not to stare at her long, lean legs. There would be plenty of time for that if this glitch worked as it did in Jacob’s last report. The technicians hooked her up and snapped the receiver to her neck.

Evelyn slid into the chair on the other side of Oliver. She remained calm and composed as they placed the electrodes on her and snapped on another receiver. When they were strapped in and ready, Jacob took up position behind a monitor and began tapping away. The metal cylinder hummed as electronics warmed up. Luna shifted nervously in her chair, her hands clasped tightly across her belly as she looked over at him. Evelyn lay on Oliver’s other side, one pantyhose-clad leg lightly crossed over the other, her hands at her side, staring up at the ceiling. Oliver rested between them, his hands on his thighs, also staring up at the ceiling, only his pinky finger ticking nervously betraying his real feelings.

“Okay,” Jacob looked up. “There might be a little pins and needles sensation.”

The whir of the cylinder grew higher. There was a click. Pins and needles shot through his whole body. And then Oliver lost consciousness.

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