Copy Paste (Body Theft) – Preview

A downtrodden young man finds a way to clone his mind into the bodies of fellow students and takes revenge on everyone by controlling them against their will in Copy Paste. This book is too dark for Amazon and is available only on Smashwords.

Paul was the first student to behave strangely, leaving the classroom in the middle of his presentation. Then it was Amara, eating food contrary to her religion and wetting herself in front of everyone. Then Melissa found her own body under someone else’s control. Suddenly someone was controlling her every movement, forcing her into degrading sex with a stranger, forcing her body to enjoy it even as she fought futilely inside her mind.

Paul, Amara and Melissa set out to find who’s controlling them and everyone else in the school. And once they’ve found him, they have to stop him even as he forces Melissa to become intimately familiar with her own dad.

How do they stop someone who can copy and paste their mind into anyone they desire?

This book contains non-consensual sex, incest, mind control, masturbation, humiliation, male to male and male to female body possessions and explicit sexual situations.

“I’ll stop when I’ve had my fun and you’ve learned your lesson. Don’t ever call me names.” My hand came up and smacked my face, sending waves of my jet black hair across my vision.

Gary? Why are you doing this? I screamed, fighting to get control of my body but to no avail.

“I’m going to teach you a lesson you won’t forget you stuck up bitch,” my voice said.

My body hopped into my car and started the engine. My hands adjusted the rearview mirror and I glared at myself, my face scrunched up in anger, sharp eyebrows furrowed. Then I pulled out of the parking lot. It was terrifying, first having my body stolen and then driving so recklessly. Gary obviously didn’t care what happened to me; if he wrecked my car or injured my body he’d leave, just like he left Paul and Amara.

“Oh yeah, that was me,” My voice interjected. “I can hear everything you’re thinking. Did you see the look on Amara’s face? Hilarious. And, god, Paul. Now that was an experience. His dick is fucking huge. Have you ever touched a dick before?” My eyes glanced at the rear view mirror as my face twisted into an evil grin. “Probably not, huh? Well, we can change that.”

He took a hard right turn that made my stomach lurch and drove us into the downtown area, past the business to the seedier end of the city. He parked in an empty side street and got out, walking me towards a guy sitting on a dirty mattress beneath a rusted awning. The guy looked up at me as I approached. He had a bushy gray beard and a deeply lined face. His eyes raked up and down my body and he licked his chapped lips as I came near.

Gary, what are you doing? I asked, a horrible feeling rising in me.

My body knelt down in front of him. “You look lonely,” I said, my face pouting, “Would you like some company?”

“Sure, young lady. That’s nice of you.” The smell of cheap beer and bad breath hit me in the face and even Gary recoiled.

Gary made me reach out and stroked the crotch of the bum’s pants, my slender hands tickling over the homeless guy’s growing lump. “I’m soooo horny,” my voice said. My other hand came up and tugged at the neck of my top, letting it hang down. The bum peered down my top at my breasts.

Gary don’t. Stop. Don’t do this. I was in tears now, but my traitorous body didn’t respond to my grief. Instead, I felt my face form into a smile, and then my lips were on the bum’s mouth.

His beard was scratchy against my soft cheek, and as I slipped my tongue into his rank mouth I flicked it around and felt the gaps of his missing teeth. His hands came up quickly and squeezed my tits—no foreplay here. My other hand snaked through a hole in his pants and wrapped around his rapidly hardening cock. It grew between my fingers and I stroked it as we continued kissing, his rough hands groping my body.

I wanted to be sick, wanted to pull away, but Gary forced me to continue, forced me to suck on the bum’s tongue and yank my shirt up so he could grope my boobs. He made me offer my body to this homeless man in full view of anyone passing by, laughing in my mind as the bum’s tongue flicked into my mouth. The man’s dirty hands squeezed urgently, relentlessly exploring my body as Gary offered it up, moaning theatrically into the bum’s disgusting mouth. I felt my hands slip under my shirt from behind and undo my bra. Gary made me yank off my shirt and my bra and suddenly I was topless on the street. My perky breasts hung down from my frame, the nipples already two excited bullets. The bum wrapped his mouth around my nipples, biting and sucking as pain flared within me. Along with pleasure. God, Gary was getting off on forcing me to degrade myself. His own desire to humiliate me was making me wet and ever more prone to his humiliation.

The bum sucked on my tits, his other hand cupping my other breast, kneading it roughly, sending sharp stabs of pain through my body. I hissed as the pain met the pleasure coming up from within. His hand wrapped around my tits and he kissed his way back and forth between them, his tongue shooting out to lick my nipples and kiss around my sensitive skin. Despite my disgust I shivered with pleasure—Gary’s pleasure—and my pussy grew ever wetter.

A downtrodden young man finds a way to clone his mind into the bodies of fellow students and takes revenge on everyone by controlling them against their will in Copy Paste. This book is too dark for Amazon and is available only on Smashwords.


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