“Morgan. Morgan!” Hayden said, breaking into Morgan’s thoughts.
She’d zoned out, taking a break from researching to place her head in her hands and zone out. Well, not really her head and her hands. They both belonged to her friend, Hayden.
The two friends had accidentally swapped bodies when Morgan read a spell in one of her mom’s many spell books. Morgan thought she could do it. Her mom was a witch and had cast enough spells. But something went wrong and as soon as Morgan finished the last word the world flipped and she found herself in her cute blonde friend’s body.
The two friends were opposites. Morgan was heavy and dark and moody, while Hayden was blonde and skinny and outgoing. Hayden desperately wanted to get out of her friend’s body, but Morgan was starting to enjoy it. She wondered what her friend’s life was like. What would it be like to be skinny and popular? To have the guys chasing after her? She didn’t admit it to Hayden, but Morgan had found the reversal spell long ago and hadn’t said anything.
Instead, Morgan convinced her friend that she hadn’t found it yet and in the meantime they would have to pretend to be each other. Hayden was scared and infuriated but had no choice but to let Morgan return to her house.
As soon as Morgan was around the corner she danced about in her new body, luxuriating in how tiny and limber and sexy she was. There was so much to explore, but she could only put Hayden off for a few days. It would have to be enough to explore every aspect of her friend’s body.
Morgan’s first stop was Hayden’s ex-boyfriend. She was sure she could convince him to take her back, and take both Morgan and Hayden’s virginity as well.

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