Request: May you do a body possession where a guy wanted to desperately see his girlfriend strip so he found a spell to bound a paid stripper to show every bits of her body and maybe give him a “free ride”.



  1. oh oh oh my yes yes yes please just do not stop i;m i’m coming but as a girl comes now i just really could not fathom how this had reall all come about but yes here i am in and on a bed lying on my back with my legs now spread wide open and a penis in my pussy m,y breast are now quite erect and i nw have much longer blonde hair cascading down my back and girliess bangs in front of my now rounded face oh yes i’m just a girl now

  2. Very wicked of Annie to just steal the young girl’s body. Understandable, but still wicked. . . .


  3. Can you do one where Devin (18) wishes he could get to know Mahicen a hot Latina from class better then he ends up in her body just as she is about to have sex with a guy. little does he know that getting cum in his new pussy will make the change permenant

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