Request: Hey I’m a long time reader an I was hoping to request a caption. Could you write one where a college guy swaps with his aunt during the FOSE because she was thinking about him while having sex with a guy she had met at the bar.

Bethany had her body temporarily stolen years ago by a body thief who forced her to watch from behind her own eyes as he took over her life for his own pleasure. She vowed never to let it happen again, training hard at the gym and changing her routine to stay safe. But all it takes is one slip up at the wrong time for the thief to take her over once more and uncover her own hidden desires. Now available on Smashwords and Amazon. Preview here.


  1. jay copuld really scarly really belive that this was really happening but it rteally was he was a real girl now and he was on a bed now quite naked and his her legs were now spread wide open and a penis was in her newly accquired vagina pussy and she was coming her new breast were boumncing all around and she knew that this was it she was now totally completly permanety female and she that just exploded in her very fris female orgasum and she knew she was pregant now!

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