Compact Mirrors (F2F Swap)

Ellie, an average looking and poor college student, accidentally swaps bodies with Summer, a mean, hot high school cheerleader. Now they both have to navigate their new lives while trying to back to their old. Until one of them decides they don’t want to go back. Compact Mirrors is now available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

I sat on the bench and watched the routine, concentrating as hard as I could on what I was supposed to be doing. Fortunately, it was early in the season so they hadn’t gotten to the complicated stuff yet. But still, it was way more splits and cartwheels than I’d done since I was a kid. I was able to join them on the third go round, and was pleasantly surprised at the athleticism of my body. Summer’s body was limber and elegant in motion, her legs were lean and muscular, propelling me up into the air in graceful arcs. By the end of practice I was exhausted but I think I had a slight handle on the routine. My optimism was destroyed when the coach gathered us all up for the final pep talk.

“Good job tonight, ladies. Nice work there, Lucy. Summer, I hope you’re feeling better in time for the game tomorrow.” After a little more talk she let us go, but I was still dwelling on the fact that there was a game tomorrow. With any luck I’d be out of Summer’s body before I had to perform.

My football quarterback boyfriend, Ben—I’d discovered his name during lunch time gossip and, yes, obviously he was the quarterback—caught up with me as I was leaving the field.

“Hey, Summer, you want a ride home?”

He was wearing a tight t-shirt that clung to his rippling pecs and he slipped a muscular arm around my waist. He smelled sweaty but in a nice way. A hard working man and his body was comforting. How could I say no?

Ben drove me to Summer’s home, which turned out to be a sprawling McMansion surrounded by well kept green grass and carefully trimmed trees. We talked on the way, a lot about football, but also easing into the state of the world. He was surprisingly intelligent and well-spoken with a boyish charm, completely upending my idea of him as a dumb jock. Plus, you know, hunky. So when he leaned in to kiss me before letting me out of the car I kissed him back. He was warm and solid, and I let my hands clutch his hard pecs. This time I did open my mouth and sucked his tongue inside, tasting his heat. His fingers slid through my hair and he pressed me close, our kisses growing faster, more urgent. An ember of desire flared between my legs and I reluctantly pulled away from him.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” I said, climbing out of his truck.

“I’ll dream about you tonight,” he replied. Cheesy, yeah, but it also gave me another little warm thrill.

I hurried inside the house. It was empty except for a maid finishing the vacuuming downstairs. My heart was fluttering like mad and my thoughts were all over the place. I still felt the ghost of Ben’s touch on my face and wished I could have let him do more. Rushing upstairs, I eventually found what must have been Summer’s bedroom: a girly monstrosity decorated with yellows and pale pinks. It was huge. A vanity stood in an alcove, cluttered with more makeup than I would normally use in a year. A giant king sized bed took up one wall, covered by a daffodil yellow comforter.

I quickly locked the door and threw myself onto the bed. I knew this was someone else’s body, but Christ I was so horny. I slid one hand beneath my top and grasped a warm breast as the other hiked up the hem of my skirt. I squeezed Summer’s gentle breast with one hand, fingers sliding across her slick warm skin. Yanking up my top, her tit fell down across my chest. Perfectly sculpted, of course, like everything about her. And big. I gathered it up in one hand, toying with the pale pink nipple as I grew flush with heat. My other hand pulled my panties aside and my fingers followed the coarse pubic hair across my entrance.

I was burning up. Maybe it was the hormones, or the stress, or the thought of Ben, but I was so unbelievably horny. My fingers slid up and down my nether lips, sinking in gently and caressing my pleasure button. Summer’s pussy lips wrapped around my fingers and I clutched my heavy tit in my other hand, drawing a sigh from my lips. I spread my legs, two fingers pressing down on my clit, circling faster and faster as I played with my perfect breasts. My breath came faster, little moans escaping my lips as the heat blasted through me. It didn’t even matter anymore that this was someone else’s body; I had a desperate desire for release.

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