Comment Roundup

From Matt: I love what you are doing with the “addiction” series!  You have taken the idea, and made a great continuing story.  I love it when you are inspired to make the long ones!

Thanks, I like the long ones too but I have to be in the right mood and have the time. Speaking of long ones:

Hey ! Please continue your body swap with Marusha storyline, the lesbian encounter was super hot !!!

Can I request a sequel to your Marusya body swap? What will happen next? Maybe for a little while you/Marusya can even swap with Alexandra?

I know I keep saying I’ll continue it and then don’t, but I’ll keep saying I’ll continue it and I will! I just haven’t been in the mood lately.

are you still working on the second part to your fictionmania story? I so hope you don’t give up on it

Yes, it’s coming along. I’d like to have some sort of announcement soon, but I’ve been stalled. Lots to do and little time.

Son turns into liquid and decides to possess his mom through her vagina

Could you do a caption about a teenage boy getting his body stolen by his busty 40-year old mother and ending up living the rest of his life as her? (Sex with the father included)

These don’t do it for me, sorry. In fact I’m really not into the whole mom/son swap thing. MILFs yes, a son’s own mom not so much.

That’s all for now!



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