Coming Together (Preview)

My newest collection, Coming Together, features some sexy body hopping action and is available on Smashwords and Amazon today. Check out the preview below:

These guys weren’t looking for love when they took over the bodies of two beautiful women, but something happened while they were enjoying themselves…

In ‘Coming Together’, a company is hiring, and the boss hops into the body of one of the female candidates to try her out. She’s athletic, sexy, and she feels so good from the inside. As he enjoys her body he begins to realize that they can help each other out. She can get a job, and he can get access to her striking body whenever he wants.

In ‘Hop Skip Jump’, a young man takes over the body of a woman who looks identical to his ex. He feels for her and wants to help her out, and in return all he wants is to pleasure himself in her body. But the longer he lives her life the more he finds himself falling for her.

Coming Together

I’d been staring at my phone for the past half hour, swiping constantly through the endless stream of images of her. I had an entire folder dedicated to her smile, another dedicated to the look she got when I took a surprise pic. One just for videos, one for the sexier shots, and a final one for pictures of us together. Those ones used to bring me to tears, but the tears were exhausted months ago. Now there was just gentle, gnawing sadness.

Glancing up from my phone, I surveyed the bar. It was happy hour on a warm Friday afternoon. The place had a nice vibe: good drafts, artisan cocktails, sunny courtyard. I sighed—the place was probably poised to be overrun by hipsters any day now—but for now there was still room to breathe. It was still a bar where I could get a table, sit and think… and try not to dwell on her.

Another?” The barman nodded at my empty glass.

I nodded back. Taking a sip, I ran an eye over the crowd. It was still early, the bar wasn’t really buzzing yet, but that was fine with me; it meant I could sit and people-watch without being crushed by drunken strangers.

Unfortunately, there was little of interest to observe. Everyone here was a cliché I’d seen a million times before. The loud pack of guys with their eyes glued to the football. The group of hipsters locked in an endless conversation about the correct technique for muddling mint. The pair of girls drinking cocktails that were essentially fruit juice. The old man drinking alone at the back table. The couple ignoring each other and downing their buffalo wings. Then I heard the creak of the door and turned to the sound of heels clicking on the hardwood floor.

Inexplicably, she was standing there, the light at her back, illuminating her body and casting her face into shadows. It took me a moment to realize that it was a stranger and not actually Rachel. I gaped; the resemblance was almost eerie. As she walked into the light, my eyes flickered over her all-too-familiar features – her blonde hair scooped into a bun, her radiant skin, and her long shapely legs. She was wearing a demure dress—tailored with a circular print pattern that was almost prim—but the dress hugged her figure, highlighting the gentle curves of her breasts and the swell of her hips. And the color perfectly matched the deep blue of her eyes. She was a swan, a sliver of classical beauty in a sea of mundanity. As she arrived at the bar, I could feel my body beg for her. God, she even had Rachel’s upturned nose.

Hi, two pinot grigios please?” Her voice was sweet, almost a warm giggle on its own. I watched her in the bar’s mirror in fascination. I needed to look away before I completely creeped her out but instead, stunned, I just continued to stare.

Sure thing.” The barman turned away and filled two glasses.

I opened my mouth to say something to her, then stopped myself. She didn’t want to talk to me; she didn’t want to deal with the half-ton of emotional baggage I was dragging behind me. And I’d probably just end up breaking down in front of her: every emotion linked to Rachel was complicated and raw. I forced myself to look away.

Staring down at my drink as she walked away, I made myself concentrate on the differences, the things that made this woman unlike Rachel. Her hair was slightly different, just a shade lighter and a touch longer. She might be an inch taller too. I scrambled for something else, something tangible, but it was a losing battle. She was almost Rachel’s twin and I needed to leave before I did something fundamentally stupid.

I gave her a last glance as I headed for the back door. She was sitting at a booth in the corner by the exit, right in my path. The wave of emotion was overwhelming – fierce attraction to this beautiful stranger, and lingering hurt and hope stirred up by the coincidence of her looks. I didn’t admit it to myself, but I knew what I was going to do before I’d even got close to her.

As soon as I was behind her and out of her line of sight I hopped, my body disintegrating into a billion particles and swirling into her.

I took steady, deep breaths as my mind merged with hers and subsumed it. My personality took over like a ghost seizing possession. I looked through her eyes, seeing what she saw. Firstly, the table and the other side of the bar; then the woman herself. Looking straight down, I saw her slender curves… my curves now. Each time I drew breath, I could feel her breasts rising and falling. When I shifted in the seat, I felt the soft flesh of her thighs against the chair,

Ransacking her memories I learned that her name was Kristen. Digging a little further, something became immediately apparent – there was one major difference between this girl and Rachel. Rachel—as I was wholly and painfully aware—was happily coupled up with someone tall, dark, and handsome. Kristen, however, was almost perpetually single. She’d had some moments along the way; a few flirtations here, a few one-night stands there, but never anything really solid. I watched the flurry of memories – the countless hours spent at work building a career to be proud of and the nights alone with nothing but her success to keep her company.

The pattern was familiar and I was sympathetic but I was also not in the mood to wade through someone else’s misery. I had plenty of my own to deal with. I was just about to hop out of her body when a girl appeared in front of me and slid into the booth. She was about the same age as Kristen, with long black hair and spectacular boobs that bounced as she leaned over and gave me a hug.

Playing catch-up, I searched Kristen’s mind for memories of the girl. She was Samantha, a friend from high school. They’d been tight years ago but lost touch and then reconnected on Facebook just in time for Samantha to announce her engagement.

Sam released me from the hug. “So good to see you!”

You too,” I echoed and slid one of the wineglasses over to her. “I got you a drink. Hope pinot grigio’s ok?”

Absolutely.” Sam took a sip, the giant diamond on her left hand glinting under the lights.

I knew how this worked, how this exchange was supposed to go, so I played my part and squealed, “Oh my god! It’s gorgeous. Let me see.”

Sam graciously held out the rock. “Completely ostentatious right?” She gave a self-deprecating grin. “I’m sorta embarrassed by how much I love it.”

Suddenly, Kristen’s emotion cut through my control – pangs of jealousy swelled, blooming under her skin. There wasn’t anger towards her friend or bitterness, just a well of sadness and prickling envy. Tamping down the emotion as best I could, I said, “If anything is supposed to be ostentatious, it’s an engagement ring. Enjoy it!”

Samantha smiled, a woman utterly content with her lot in life. She took a sip of wine and said, “You’re coming to the wedding right? They’ll be a few people from school. Jen H and her husband, Felicity and her fiancée… Oh, and Caroline’s daughter’s—you remember Caroline and Nick right?—their oldest daughter is my flower girl.”

I could feel it, the vice-like squeeze of Kristen’s loneliness, the little voice that told her everyone else was paired up and she had missed her chance. But she was a good person, a good friend, and I replied that way she would’ve: “Of course I’ll be there. Can’t wait to catch up with everyone.”

Samantha launched into a dialogue about wedding invitations. For the next hour, Kristen was required to do little but nod.

By the time we finished our drinks and headed out into the street, I was strangely intrigued by Kristen and knew I wasn’t leaving this body, at least not immediately. With every new wedding detail Samantha trotted out I had felt Kristen growing more introspective, more determined to break free of her self-imposed isolation and live a little. I wanted to see what this body craved so desperately.

I waved goodbye to Samantha and walked around the corner to the tiny deserted parking lot where Kristen’s car was parked.

When I hadn’t been listening to Samantha, I had been thinking about Kristen, and glancing every now and then at my new reflection in the ceiling mirror. I hadn’t really had time to examine myself until I got in Kristen’s car and shut the door. I adjusted the rearview mirror with a slender hand until my reflection appeared. With a shock I was looking at Rachel, her striking dark eyebrows and deep blue eyes, her slight upturned nose. Looking closer I noticed the subtle differences: the tiny mole at the edge of her left eyebrow, the absence of freckles across the bridge of her nose, the slightly more triangular shape of her nostrils, I really had Rachel on the brain, maybe some time as someone else would be good for me.

Kristen was just my type, with girl-next-door cuteness and a slender, enticing body. I looked down at the swell of my breasts beneath my dress. I gently pulled out the neck of my dress and looked into my new cleavage, enjoying the pillowy curves as they disappeared into the darkness. I imagined myself, my real self, kissing and caressing her, pressing my body up against her smooth softness. My thoughts about my new body began making Kristen warm. A gentle ember began burning between my legs.

I pulled my dress up to reveal my gorgeous legs and smooth thighs. By shifting around in the seat I was able to pull the dress all the way up over my lap to see the white cotton panties clasping my delicate sex. I brushed Kristen’s fingers across my thighs, goosebumps appearing as I shivered at my own touch. My fingers roamed back and forth across each thigh, enjoying my warm flesh, teasing myself and pressing gently against my panties.

My other hand rose to my chest and began gently squeezing my breasts beneath my dress. I slipped a hand underneath the hem of my panties, following the coarse trail of my bush down into my warm slit. My fingers slid inside my body as I parted myself with a soft moan. Hearing Kristen moan like that, feeling myself inside her, made me hornier, and Kristen’s body responded to my desire.

My fingers pressed deeper inside and up against my clit as my breath came faster. I rubbed my wet, velvety folds and tossed my head back and forth, riding the waves of pleasure cascading through me. Kristen was so warm and wet and soft and I was enjoying it all: being her, seeing her writhe in the mirror, hearing her moan drop from my own lips. Her moans drove my fingers faster, my body burning for my touch and suddenly I lit up. My hips thrust up uncontrollably and I cried out as a fire flared through my body. I sank my fingers deeper inside myself, enjoying my wetness as my fingers grew soaked and the sound of my squelching pleasure reached my ears.

I cried out again as a harder orgasm shook me and I squeezed my eyes shut tight as I sank as hard as I could into my dripping cunt. My legs trembled as I thrust inside myself, squeezing my tits at the same time as I enjoyed the pleasure of being inside Kristen’s flesh. I could almost imagine it was Rachel I was inside, Rachel I was fucking, Rachel crying out for more as her body shook with pleasure.

When the fire subsided I lay my head back against the headrest and pulled my fingers out of myself, sticky with my lust. The car smelled like sex, like pussy…my pussy. I opened my eyes and looked around, struck by the sudden thought that I’d just masturbated in a public parking lot. Fortunately no one was around; no one had heard my screams of delight and come running to help, or to look. Good. I didn’t want to ruin Kristen’s life, just enjoy her for a little. And maybe we could help each other.

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