Choose your own shift (series)

I like the series format from Random TG Captions so I’d thought I’d take a crack at my own.


It’s your senior year of high school and your class is on a week-long field trip to London. Most of your graduating class has come, along with some teachers and a large amount of parent chaperones taking advantage of a discount vacation.

You arrive at the hotel and are just finishing settling in when the world goes black.

Pick a number 1-4 to see where you end up:




Dress on Chair







Hotel Switch



  1. oh my god i just really do love body swap pictures caption but just one other thing really i want to become a girl and thing really i would strip off all overr my cloths as masny times as i reasly could and than play with my newly acquired female body parts!

  2. i really like the frist two pictures esspecially the frist one this is just erxxactly what i would do when i would become a girl i would strip myself naked and examin my female body and play with my breast and pussy making myself orgasm as a girl from what i have gathered and heard female orgasm is much better!

  3. Bill
    I don’t know what’s not to like about these-I liked all 4 of them. I especially liked # 1. From the look of Sarah’s bikini tan line she has a naughty side. I love the thong bottom.
    I hope you do more of these

    1. I like them too but being essentially 4 captions in one they’re a lot more work and I often just don’t have time. I plan on doing more though.

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