Cheers (M2F Body Swap)

Kyle’s sister, Lauren, is such a brat. A gorgeous brat, but still. So when an accident with one of their father’s machines causes them to switch bodies, he’s not at all happy to be stuck in Lauren’s busty body. But he surprises himself by finding his adjustment extremely pleasurable, especially with the help of one of his sister’s hot friends in Cheers, available on Smashwords or Amazon.

“Oh my gawd, it was awful, you can’t even imagine,” Kyle said. “It’s like, how do I even talk to people, you know?”

Back in his own body, he used to cringe when he heard his sister talking to her friends. But now, he didn’t know how he could have ever thought they were so vapid and boring. Melissa and Eve were funny and sympathetic and had the most fascinating things to say about clothing. Melissa had made a photo collection on her phone of all her possible outfit combinations and Kyle and Eve eagerly flicked through them, ooing and ahhing and giving their opinions until the bell rang for classes. Fascinating, riveting stuff.

Walking through the hallways was an experience. It was the first time any of the students had seen Lauren since she’d grown breasts and they couldn’t stop gawking. Kyle just gabbed happily with Melissa and Eve as they strolled down the hallway, glancing once or twice at some of the guys, smiling at a few of the football players and watching their faces light up in grins. Kyle had never been so physically desired before and it was exciting and dangerous, aided by the fabric of his bra jiggling his nipples just so to make him warm and tingly. By the time he’d walked into his first class he could already feel the moistness gathering in his panties. It was agonizing sitting in algebra and listening to the stupid teacher drone on and on when all he wanted to do was rub his clit. He was throbbing, the pleasure demanding his whole attention, but he forced himself to grab the edge of the desk, knuckles white with the effort at restraint.

By lunchtime he was desperate for release and excused himself from Melissa and Eve to hurry to his car. He ran into Lauren on the way. She was sitting by herself out at a picnic table near the edge of the football field, listlessly eating a sandwich. He stopped and turned, but not before she saw him and waved him over. He came reluctantly.

“Where are your friends?” Kyle asked.

“Ugh,” Lauren said, “Bunch of stoners. Do they talk about anything other than, like, drugs and skateboarding?”

“I don’t know, do your friends talk about anything other than shopping and boys?”

“At least there’s a point to shopping and boys. I cannot wait to get out of your dumb body.”

“Same,” Kyle lied. “I’ve got to go meet up with the girls. See you.”

Kyle turned and hurried off before Lauren could stop him, taking the long way to his car. Once there, he hopped in and sped to the mall, speed walking through the air conditioned corridors to the sex shop on the second floor. He perused the row of vibrators on display and was interrupted when the woman behind the counter came up and started asking him intensely personal questions about how he liked his pleasure. She was an older woman with long, black hair streaked with gray, and she had no qualms about discussing clits and vulvas and the like.

“I’m looking for something, uh, discreet,” Kyle said, “Something I can operate anytime.”

She led him over to a shelf and began graphically explaining how the various dildos worked. Even if Kyle hadn’t been a female he would have been embarrassed. The woman was not shy about sharing what she liked but no way was Kyle going to open up to a stranger. He soon found what he wanted: a large vibrator made to be slipped into panties and controlled through an app on his phone. He took it and examined it, noting the cool, slightly rubbery outer shell. It seemed big, filling his palm. He knew what else he wanted it to fill.

“Something like that may be a little too big for you,” the sales woman tried to dissuade him.

But Kyle insisted. The longer he looked at the vaguely cock shaped piece of hard rubber the more he wanted to shove it up his sister’s cunt. He bought it and took it back out to the car. In the driver’s seat, safe from prying eyes, he hiked up his skirt and pried open his panties, slowly easing the dildo inside. He began by rubbing it against his clit with one hand, while the other came up to tweak his nipple. He gasped at the sudden burst of pleasure, and continued rubbing the dildo through his growing wetness until the head glistened with his juices. He could feel himself spreading and loosening, the familiar warmth building up between his legs, an emptiness yearning to be filled. He slowly eased the huge dildo inside him, feeling it push apart the tight walls of his cunt. Fuck, it was so big, stretching him out as he pushed it all the way inside, until it was buried deep within him, only the shallow base sticking out.

Jesus, he felt so full. He downloaded the app and gave it a try, setting the dildo on the lowest setting. The vibration was immediate and unexpectedly tense. He gripped the steering wheel with one manicured hand and gasped as his whole pussy quivered, pleasure quickly spreading through his body. He couldn’t hear the buzzing but he sure as hell felt it. A relaxing flush of warmth followed the quick hit of pleasure, doing little to relieve the aching desire that had been building up all day. If anything, it made it worse, the need for relief just growing.

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