Always wondered

Request: I have always had a fantasy of having sex as a man but I couldn’t imagine doing it with any of my girl friends so I always picture it with myself. I accidentally saw my bestfriends boyfriend‘s cock (Adam) at a pool party, and it was really big, so I’ve been fantasizing about getting him alone and switching bodies with him so I could use it on my body. Could you do a caption where I steal his body and force him to let me have sex with him in my body in order for us to switch back??

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  1. Then it to them, he both scared , shocked and being curious about. While she was fascinated and curious about it too. He was too scared to admit that part of him enjoyed it. As it he really wanted. Or something else

  2. oh my god it worked i’m i;m in a girls body now and i’m io’m now quite naked on a bed in the subissive femakle missioary p[osition with my legs now sprerad wide open and i’m i’m comingg like a girl now i’m i’m all wet in my pussy now and my breast are bouncing all around wow this is just way better i think i’m i’m going to get pregant!

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