Changing Minds: An Erotic Body Possession Collection

My new story collection Changing Minds is now available at Smashwords. See the excerpt below.

Three erotic short stories featuring explicit sexual fantasies of people taking over someone else’s body or being transformed into another gender.

In Witchy Woman, two couples find themselves trapped and transformed into the opposite gender by a witch on a deserted island with the only way of escape to avoid sex for twenty four hours. Can they fight the changes within their transformed minds?

In Alright Lisa, a man seeks out his first girlfriend in order to get some answers he’d been wondering about for years.

In Good Friends, a body hopper takes over the body of his crush’s boyfriend in order to be with her.

‘I’m coming,’ David huffed as he slowly climbed the steps of the ancient Mayan temple. His girlfriend, Jenny, stood at the top looking around. She pushed her glasses up her nose and brushed aside her blonde bangs as she took in the panoramic view. She shifted her backpack on her shoulders, the one that contained everything from spare makeup to bandages to translation guides. She was one to always be prepared in a foreign country. Jenny’s friend, Skylar, stood beside her taking selfies with the jungle in the background. She took several photos, scrolling through and deleting any that showed her cocoa colored skin, dark hair and striking green eyes as anything less than perfect.

Skylar’s boyfriend, Liam, clomped up behind David. ‘Come on, man, race you to the top,’ Liam panted.

If there was a way to turn something into a competition Liam would find it. David had known Liam since grade school and it had always been that way. Even as kids it was always a race to see who could finish their lunch the fastest, or who could skateboard down the highest hill. It was all so stupid and pointless. But now way was David going to let himself be beat.

As Liam approached the summit David charged up in a burst of speed, taking the steps two at a time on his long, skinny legs and reaching the top just half a step before Liam. Both of them sank to their knees, panting in the hot sun as their girlfriends shared a look with each other and rolled their eyes.

The two couples were friends and this trip to Belize was their first vacation together. The first big one, anyway. A two hour drive up to the mountains wasn’t really a vacation as far as David was concerned.

When David had recovered enough to stand he gaped around at the view. Miles and miles of jungle, broken only by the occasional road, or house, or throng of other tourists climbing up the temple ruins. Jenny wrapped her arm around David’s waist and David smiled down at her. Jenny was a petite blonde with a slim body, magnificent legs and an ass that David always wanted to reach out and grab. She also had a sexy nerd chic thing that David really liked.

Liam finally stood, his fuzzy eyebrows furrowing in good-natured teasing.

‘Surprised your legs didn’t snap,’ he grinned. Liam had a wide face with smiling eyes. He was a mid-westerner with a stocky build and a dark complexion who enjoyed being the center of attention.

‘Surprised you didn’t have a heart attack,’ David retorted. David had always been the tall, lanky kid in class. Quietly funny to Liam’s brashness. The Stephen Merchant to his Ricky Gervais.

The four stood and took in the view. As David turned around to look back down the temple the colors of the world seemed to fade, growing sepia toned except for the area directly in front of him. He took a step back as the world dulled further, sapping itself of color. Another step back caused him to bump into Jenny, who was also retreating from the colorless world.

‘Uh, guys?’ David asked. He looked around and saw that the four of them had backed against each other and were surrounded by a bubble of ‘normal’ color. Outside, the world was hazy and gray, as if viewed from behind dirty glass.

A portion of the bubble began to shimmer, resolving into a vaguely humanoid form before morphing into a strange woman.

She was tall and thin with coal black eyes and skin that was so pale it was nearly white. Her dark black robes had a long neckline and a high, pointed collar. The wide valley of her milky, bulbous breasts was fixed in place, somehow just hidden beneath the careful fold of her robes. She radiated a strange, ethereal beauty and her voice was hypnotic.

‘Welcome, my lovelies,’ she said in a voice that seemed to dig straight into their brains, triggering both arousal and disgust.

‘What’s going on?’ Liam asked.

‘Oh, “what’s going on?”,’ she said, ‘Damn, I had my money on “who are you?” You can’t win them all. And so far, no one has won any.’

‘What are you talking about?’ Both Skylar and the woman said at the same time.

The pale woman laughed, a tinkling, melodic sound that was soothing, made them want to stop and listen. ‘I called that one. Dre’kryl Niteswa’arl will have to pay up. But, fat chance of a demon honoring his bet. Now let’s see.’

Her long slim finger pointed to each member of the couple, the blood red nail aiming at each one in turn as she chanted an ancient rhyme, handed forth from person to person that stretched deep back into the mists of time.

‘Eenie, meenie, miney, moe, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers let him go. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe.’

Her finger stopped on David and a smile lit up her face. Before he could wonder what that meant a point of light began arcing around him, leaving a tracer of white light as it crisscrossed his body. Then his body began enlarging, growing bulkier. Muscles swelled out on his arms and legs. His chest expanded as though he were a balloon being slowly blown up. His pecs hardened, pushing against his shirt before finally ripping it and actual abs appeared below as his skin bronzed. He gaped down at his body as the small moles and scars disappeared, leaving perfect, flawless skin. Even his fingers thickened and became muscular. Between his legs he felt his manhood, growing, stretching and a needy lust pricked its way into his brain, growing louder, more urgent, until it was all he could think about.

Jenny watched in astonishment as her boyfriend’s face filled out, lost the slight gauntness and became sharper, fuller. His glasses disappeared and a little cleft developed in his chin. When the changes finally stopped David was transformed into a golden skinned god. He was still just recognizable as David, if David had lived on a diet of protein shakes, weightlifting and—judging by the bulge in his now tight pants—those penis pills the internet was always going on about.

He looked down at his body, then up at Jenny. There was a burning desire in his eyes that made her both excited and scared. He took one step towards her but the strange woman held up a hand and froze him in place. David was unable to move but the powerful lust still raged within him. He wanted sex, needed it but was held still by the woman’s magic.

‘Stop! I’m not done.’ She pointed her blood red nail at Skylar.

Now it was Skylar’s turn to feel her body changing. Her waist narrowed as her hips and breasts flared out, growing larger. Her breasts inflated to a DD, then an F, before finally stopping when they were bigger than her head and bouncing gently. Her firm curves grew smooth and flawless while her butt filled out even more. Skylar brought her hands to her massive chest then quickly away again as a burst of pleasure exploded through her that made her gasp. Her features softened slightly, her lips more pouty, her eyebrows perfectly manicured and her eyes grew slightly bigger as her hair styled itself in dark waves down her back. Her clothes morphed into a bikini that barely covered her massive tits. Like David, her skin lost its blemishes. Between her legs a powerful warmth grew into a raging fire as she felt herself unfolding at the sight of the two nearby men. She needed to be filled. She was already growing wet just thinking about it.

When the changes finished Liam couldn’t look away from his girlfriend. Skylar had been transformed into a cross between a Disney princess and a blow up doll. It was like the magic had made her a super sexy version of herself by erasing her imperfections and magnifying everything else.

Skylar took a step toward Liam but again the pale woman held up a hand and froze her in place. Skylar moaned softly, she was so horny, all she wanted was to fuck.

The pale woman turned to Jenny and Liam. ‘If you two can go without having sex with these two for 24 hours they will be released and you will all be returned as normal. But, if you have sex with them one time, your gender will be changed. And after that if you have sex again with the other then the transformation will be permanent.’

The pale woman clapped her hands and suddenly the two couples were on the edge of a jungle of a small island and the pale woman had disappeared. The air was warm and carried the scent of the nearby beach.

David took a step towards Jenny, trying to hold himself in check. ‘Run.’ He gasped, shooting out his hand and grabbing her by the wrist. His touch was electric, the warmth of his hand seeming to blast through her body, promising desire.

In her mind Jenny knew she should run, that once started they would never be able to stop. But his touch…she was melting for him, a deep animalistic yearning. He drew her close and she didn’t resist—couldn’t resist—as he wrapped his strong arms around her tiny body. And then his lips were on hers, soft and gentle, just as she wanted. She could feel his power, held in check as he took his time. She tasted him on her lips, felt his warm body press against hers, soft but hard, taut muscles moving oh-so-carefully against her shivering body. David stared down at her cute face, the upturned nose, the big, brown eyes behind the glasses. He was the perfect lover, knew her body better than she did, wanted what she wanted, and he started slow for her, feeding her passion. She closed her eyes and sighed softly as he kissed his way down her neck, their arms entwined, their hands gliding up and down each other. Jenny’s hands felt David’s solid, masculine curves and grew warmer, already budding for him as he worshiped her body slowly, tenderly.

Skylar, too was the perfect lover to Liam, prepared to give him everything he desired. She dropped her bikini top to the ground, freeing her massive breasts and shook out her hair. Liam was rooted in place as she slid her hands over her massive tits and moaned softly, pleasuring herself with the simple touch of her new skin. Liam could smell her desire and his body moved towards her almost of its own accord. He had no choice as his lust took over. He clasped her to him and she moaned in his ear as her nipples pressed against him, sending electric sparks through her over-sexed body. Liam’s hands roamed greedily up and down Skylar’s warm, flawless skin, squeezing, caressing feeling every inch of her form as she bit his ear and pleasure washed through her in waves. Skylar needed him so badly, felt herself dripping at his touch, his caress. His hands squeezed her ass and then slid in between her legs. Liam found her wetness there for him and his manhood surged in his pants.

David knew what Jenny wanted better than she did. He unzipped his pants and freed his massive member. Jenny took it in her hand gently, as though despite its girth she might break it, its warmth flowing into her through simple touch. He took her hand and lay on the ground, his erection up in the air. Jenny slipped out of her skirt, David’s eyes lighting up as he drank in her naked form.

‘You’re so beautiful,’ he whispered, his deep bass voice making her tremble. She wanted him so much, he was her world.

Read the rest in Changing Minds: An Erotic Body Possession Collection.

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