Change of Plans (MtF Possession)

Two young women think that their change in lifestyle is their own choice, unaware that they’re being possessed by two homeless men out to explore new lives in Change of Plans, available on Smashwords, Amazon or wherever ebooks are sold.

Hannah looked at my pants and covered her little mouth. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

She looked around and saw a nearby clothing store. It was one of those chains ostensibly catering to young women, but really just supplying skimpy outfits for male fantasies. I normally wouldn’t have been caught dead inside but I was desperate. I squished through the doors and Hannah directed me to the changing rooms in the back while she gathered up a new outfit for me.

I slipped into the booth and closed the door behind me before kicking off my shoes and peeling off my pants and panties. I wiped myself down with the dry part of my pants and then tossed them to the floor. I stared down at my pussy.

“Whoa, shit,” I whispered.

I stroked the coarse brown hair, then spread my legs and faced the mirror. I used my fingers to spread my pussy lips, staring into my rich red folds. I’d never looked at myself before but maybe I should have, because it was kind of turning me on. I felt an ember of warmth flicker to light inside me as I played with my pussy lips, spreading and stroking myself. A sudden knock at the changing room door made me jump.

“Avery?” Hannah whispered.

I unlocked the door and Hannah slipped in with a bundle of clothes over her arm. “I didn’t know what size you wore so I got a few.”

She glanced down at my pussy and blushed, then dumped the clothes on the little chair and turned to go. I put my hand on her shoulder and stopped her.

“Hold on,” I purred, “This is kind of cool. Why don’t we look at our bodies together?”

It suddenly hit me that I was attracted to Hannah and I wanted her to feel the same way. I’d never realized these feelings before but they were undeniable. Looking at myself, and looking at her I had to admit I was attracted to the female body.

Hannah chewed her bottom lip. “I don’t know, I’m still feeling weird about this whole thing.”

She slipped out before I could stop her. I huffed and locked the door behind her, then returned my attention to the mirror. I pulled off my shirt and fumbled with my bra before finally slipping it off. I dropped it on the table and gazed down at myself, hands coming up to my breasts.

My tits were small but perky and I could easily take one in each hand, my fingers curling over the soft skin. I wobbled them on my chest, enjoying the feel of my bare breasts. I took my time, caressing myself slowly. I’d never paid this much attention to my body before, the physical reaction of each small touch, and though I was a little embarrassed to be doing it in the changing room of a store I didn’t want to lose this incredible erotic connection I’d suddenly made with myself. My body felt so good and I let my hands linger on each part, teasing a little ache inside me while I bounced my tits up and down.

I let my eyes roam up and down my slender body in the mirror as I jiggled my breasts, admiring the curve of my ass and the creamy smoothness of my thighs. I smiled at myself in the mirror, batting my eyes seductively, sticking out my pink tongue and laughing at myself, just enjoying being a woman alone. My gaze returned to my tits. I was feeling incredibly lascivious about my own body, wanting to touch and squeeze and caress and enjoy every inch. I sucked on my fingers and tweaked my tiny pink nipples. I teased them between thumb and forefinger, squeezing lightly, pulling them up and letting them bounce back down, until they hardened to sharp points. I was getting so warm just watching my hands fumble with my own breasts.

One hand still on a breast, I slid the other down my stomach, over my mound. My fingers followed the coarse hair down to my slit, where I stroked up and down. It was thrilling doing this in a public place, and I quickly grew moist, my dew sparking beneath my fingers. I jammed two fingers into my pussy, too fast as it happened, and released a little squeak of pain before pulling out. I laughed to myself and then resumed stroking my slit, watching the rubbery lips pull apart. Heat twisted through me and my fingertips found my dew.

“There’s my wet little pussy,” I whispered, clutching my tits and looking down over my body.

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