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  1. “… “Mason. Christen,” my wife’s voice called through the house, drawing nearer. She must have finished the coffee Christen had poured her before showing me where to store the chairs. “Mason. What’s taking you two so…” she entered the room to find her best friend on the bed, splayed wide and clutching one soft breast as my moans increased in pitch with the speed of my borrowed fingers sliding in-&-out of Christen’s slick pussy. “…Oh… My… Ghawd-you-did-NOT!?!”

    I looked at her, twisting Christen’s face into a mix of shock, guilt & lust, nodding my head slightly as getting caught caused my mount’s body to climb further towards climax and whimpering, “Uh-h Uhh-huh!” My hands did not even slow their stimulation of Christen’s foxy flesh while my wife’s eyes drank-in her bestie’s beautiful body on erotic display. I could see her expression shift from surprise to anger to desire.
    “I-h-h I’m-s sah-sorry, bh- baby,” my deep voice resonated in Christen’s chest, making my nipples vibrate with delicious electricity! “I cuh-couldn’t-heh help mm-m-myss-self! B-but you c-can, buh-hayb-BE,” I panted, lifting one of Chris’ tits upward and extending my tongue towards its stiff nipple, then, switching to Christen’s sultry alto, “C-c’mon, Marci! We c-h-can act li-h-hike we’re back-k-h- back in c-hah-college!” and showed her my best, seductive pout.

    “Oh, hell, Mason,” my wife sighed as her hands began stripping her clothes off with urgency! “Fine. You know how much seeing your voice come from a pretty woman’s mouth turns me on. But…” her, now naked, body descended over me so that our mouths were poised just short of a kiss, “… You have to let Christen be awake while we go-at-it,” she let our soft, glossy lips meet for a light peck before continuing with our eyes locked in lustful communion, “and you don’t leave her body ’til after Bill has come home from work and fucked us all well into the night! Okay, Mason?” …”

    What a totally-hot lead you’ve provided, M! But, there’s always more to a story, isn’t there, sweetie?! And I hope you like the ‘more’ that you’ve stirred in my mind, (which, naturally, still has more in mind for Mason, Marci & Christen)!

    Here’s many thanks for your wonderful captions and all the best to you-&-yours in the coming year, M!


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