By the pool

I accidentally deleted the request but if it’s yours I’m sure you’ll recognize it!

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  1. Well, wouldn’t Wolfie love that!? I wonder who’ll be playing “Zach’s sister” as…

    The rush of sensations that filled Zach’s borrowed(?) body on contact with the skin of its younger version was like the wave of heat that blasts out when you open a convection oven! And there was definitely some ‘convection’ being circulated in Zach’s ‘oven’ as the stranger pressed ‘her’ soft, glossy lips against those which he now sported!

    Zach could feel the wet heat churning inside his mother’s belly; From the part amidst her swollen vulva to the dark depths of her reproductive vortex… That wondrous world in which the marriage of sexual juices merged to bring forth the flesh that now pressed against his heavy breasts and made his nipples yearned to be sucked as though still providing their sustenance to the one suckling.

    “Whuh-whoa!” gasped Zach as he broke from their sloppy lip-lock, but still continued to caress the soft sacks of fatty-tissue that lay upon his own, “It’s weird enough watching myself masturbate with this body,” he added in his mother’s most authoritarian inflection, “…man… Whoever you are… And it’s not like I don’t know that you’re a total hottie with that body! But, it is really … like … not my brain, but this body … remembers … having that one growing inside me!? So, I… I just can’t…”

    Okay. Stopping right there, just because I feel like being a brat! So, you can all decide for yourselves just what “Zach” cannot…

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