Breaking up is hard to do

Request: Could you do a caption where a mom switches bodies with her son’s girlfriend to try to get them to break up, but gets stuck during sex and chooses to remain with him?

A queen swaps body with her daughter to secure the kingdom in Long Live the Queen, available on Smashwords or Amazon. Preview here.


  1. So Lisa had to go to her old home and finish what she started thinking she would have to kill her old body with her son’s girlfriend in it but when Lisa opened the door to the house she heard moans of sexual pleasure coming from the bedroom. When Lisa walked into the bedroom she saw her old body and her Ex-husband going at it like newlyweds. Lisa and her old body saw each other but did not say a word. Lisa’s old body mouthed “stay here he will be done any second and we need to talk” Lisa nodded she under stood. About 10mins later Lisa’s old body walked down the stairs to the kitchen were Lisa had poured two glasses of Scotch. Lisa had already drank one and this was the refilled one. Lisa’s old body went to her purse and pulled out her cigarettes lite one and offered one to the new girl. After taking it and lighting it up the two woman sat at the bar. Lisa’s old body said “I should be shocked and pissed off at you but I’m not matter of fact I am going to thank you” Lisa in the girlfriends body was shocked “Why”. Monica now Lisa said I was tired of your son and his childish behavior, I was going to dump him. Now his Dad is another matter not only was I drugged out but he woke me to eating me out I had 3 orgasms before I was fully awake, OMG your Ex is the best lover why did you get rid of him? Lisa as Monica said I found him cheating on me and I wished I was younger and not had spent the last 20yrs like this. He always came bake to you did he not? Yes he did but I thought I was being used. the new Lisa said you can keep the child I want the man and as long as he keeps coming home I don’t care what pussy he sticks his thing in. the two woman clinked glassed and said its a deal shooting back the Scotch. Lisa leaving as Monica thinking I am glad this turned out this way I really did not want to kill my old. body

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