I’ve just finished a massive workload of commissions on fiver. Phew! Thanks to everyone for their amazing and sexy requests, I’m honored that you enjoy my work! So much so that I’ve had to change the settings a little so I don’t get deluged again. So if you find you check out my fiverr page and you’re not able to request anything at the moment (or my gig doesn’t appear) it’s probably because the queue is full so try back in a few days. I will still do the occasional request through the website.

But for now, I’ve written 10,000 words in three days and I need a break. So here’s the lovely Elle with the conclusion to First Time Bodyhopping:

Played her in the afternoon parts 15-18

Played her in the afternoon – conclusion

Thanks for keeping all our readers revved up, Elle!

I’ll be back next week with new captions. Plus, a whole new book of short stories is on its way, stay tuned!



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