Body Switch Collection: Volume 9

Featuring five previously published stories of body possessions, swaps and theft, available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Featuring:

Side Hustle
A married man’s life changes forever when he gets some pills that can transform him into a gorgeous, curvy woman. But after finding online fame as a pornstar, will his marriage survive when his side hustle becomes his main hustle?

Devil on Your Shoulder
Daniel’s always being picked on by the trio of mean girls at his school, so when a demon appears and offers him the chance to possess their bodies for some humiliation, Daniel jumps at the offer. But there’s always a catch, and Daniel may soon find that his anger comes back to hurt him.

Noah’s stepsister has swapped their bodies so she can take his vacation while he’s stuck at home. But Noah soon discovers that being in the body of his hot stepsister more than makes up for anything he’ll miss on the trip.

Learning Curves
Will’s never been in trouble in his life, until the day he gets caught with a joint and threatened with expulsion from school. This simple misunderstanding threatens to derail his life and strip him of his valedictorian status. But his gorgeous, busty teacher gives him an option: if he agrees to try out her invention to let them swap bodies for a day, she won’t report him.

That B*tch From Work
When Felix accidentally ends up in the body of his girlfriend’s rival, his girlfriend finds more and more ways to humiliate him. She mocks his small stature and forces him into degrading and humiliating situations. But rather than make him angry, the humiliation just makes Felix’s nubile new body eager to please.

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