Body Switch Collection Volume 6

This collection of six previously published erotic stories is available on Smashwords or Amazon and includes:

Training Days
A man possesses the body of a woman at the gym in order to enjoy her physical pleasure and to change her mind to suit his needs.

The Princess Proxy
When brilliant but plain Allison swaps bodies with the gorgeous, snobby cheerleader, Brianna for a week in order to take her tests, both students have to adjust to very different lives and explore very different bodies.

Madam President
Jeremy is about to become a body double for the first female African American president of the United States. He’s got to learn to cope with being the most powerful woman on the planet. And for Jeremy, enjoying her shape, her smooth ebony skin, her stunning curves, and her amazingly responsive body is just one of the perks of the job.

Small Town Girl
I’ve always had the ability to possess other people’s bodies and control them, but I haven’t used it in so long. Until the day I find Cassie. She’s irresistibly gorgeous and I have to hop inside her right away. I’m going to intimately explore her body and help her become comfortable with her sensuality, while having my own fun in the process.

Max is at another boring family reunion. But things get a lot more interesting and he finds a magic stone that transports him into the body of three different family members with very different body types.

Mother of the Bride
Alan is sick of his wife, Karen, moaning and complaining about their daughter’s wedding. He’s annoyed at the way Karen seems to be ashamed of her own body, hiding her curvy figure behind shapeless clothing. Alan figures if Karen’s so sick of her body then it’s only fair that she gives it to someone who appreciates it. Like him.

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