Body Switch Collection Volume 4

Collection 4 now available on Smashwords and Amazon, featuring six previously published erotic stories of body swapping and transformation, together for one low price. Stories in this collection include:

Little Pink Pill (M2F Transformation)
Dan and Michael are two brothers who’ve never been really close. But that all changes when Michael doses his brother with pills that instantly transform him into a smoking hot MILF.

Substitute Teacher (M2F Body Swap)
It was supposed to be Chris’s dream come true: a body swap with his hot teacher for Swap Class. But then a troublemaker was plopped into his class at the last minute and ended up in the teacher’s body. And the bully intends to explore every inch of her body while Chris watches on.

Deep Undercover (F2F Body Swap)
Claire is an undercover detective, betrayed and forcibly body swapped by the stripper who pretended to help her. Now she’s fighting the clock — and her body’s physical urges — in an effort to get her own body back before the body thief can finish her for good.

Dancer’s Body: A Story (M2F Body Possession)
Ethan uses to control the bodies of three sisters and indulges their deepest, darkest desires.

XXX Factor (M2F Transformation)
Four frat guys are punished by being transformed into their ideal pornstars:
the blonde bombshell
the Thai goddess
the ebony beauty
and the sexy girl next door.
All they have to do to get their bodies back is go the whole day without sleeping with a man. But in their new sex starved bodies, and on a college campus surrounded by eligible guys, that’s easier said than done.

Running Around (M2F Body Possession)
Tony’s on vacation with his girlfriend, and the two of them are going to explore his body hopping powers with each other, and some of their friends.


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