Body Switch Collection Volume 2

This hot collection of body swapping and transformation erotica features 8 stories from 6 previously published books. Now available on Smashwords or Amazon.

The stories included in this collection are:

Young Again
Samuel is old. His daughter is exasperated with him. His granddaughter barely tolerates him. But everything changes when he discovers a spell that allows him to swap bodies with his buxom daughter and experience life all over again as a gorgeous, curvy female.

They just wanted to watch a porno, not be in one. But that’s exactly what happens when a stranger stops by with a magical gift. Now these four friends are stuck in sexy, female bodies and have to navigate Pleasureville, a city straight out of every porn movie ever made. Can they escape before they’re forced to star in their own fantasy scene?

Katie’s life is no longer her own. There’s a spirit in her body, a man controlling her, using her to satisfy himself. He can make her do anything he wants…and she can see and feel it all.

A college guy up late studying for his exam is suddenly transformed into a busty woman, and he uses his new assets to ace the class.

Failing the Test
Tina swaps bodies with a prostitute to test her husband and finds things aren’t as they seem.

Swap Course
The class gave everyone a chance to swap bodies for the week to experience living life through someone else’s eyes. It was only supposed to last a week but Lawrence’s friend, Jess, is still acting weird long afterwards. Has someone found a way to game the system?

An ordinary day gets turned upside down when four high school guys discover a potion that lets them inhabit the bodies of their classmates and explore their deepest desires.

Mystery Man
She’s a beautiful woman who’s just been returned to her body after being forcibly swapped with a fat slob. He’s a detective with ties to the body switcher. Together they’re trying to find out what he made her do in the missing year of her life.

Now available on Smashwords or Amazon.

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