Body Swap with Marusya: Prologue

Where’s the original copy leading up to this series? Before the swap?

Not transferred from Tumblr until now. It wasn’t originally intended as a series.

What have I gotten myself into? I’d agreed to swap bodies for a week with a girl from the internet I knew almost nothing about except that she likes to show off her cute, naked body. And she was a blonde. A natural blonde from the looks of it.

She hadn’t warned me that she was mostly naked when we initiated the swap, so one minute I’m in my bedroom, fully clothed, and the next I’m staring down at some strands of long blonde hair, two perky breasts and a nearly shaved pussy.

My breasts and pussy now!

I run my new, delicate hands over my tits, gently savoring these sensations. I notice the computer’s camera is still on so I watch the corner of the screen where my sexy, new body is projected back at me. I seductively stick out her ass, my ass now, and it’s every bit as hot as it was in her pictures. I run my hand down my ass and twist around to see it from my new perspective. I want to show myself off. Dress sexy and attract some attention and then…who knows?

Wow, less than two minutes in this body and I’m already getting wet. What am I going to do for a whole week? That’s when I notice the gift she left me lying next to the computer. I pick up the vibrator and I realize I’ve got my answer. Well, the answer for the next little while anyway.

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