Body Swap with Marusya Part 6


Consciousness filters back slowly. At some point in the night Sasha and I had moved to Marusya’s bed and I can feel her warm body pressed against my back. One of her hands gently rubs me, slowly sliding down my waist, over my ass and then back up. I tuck some of my loose blonde hair behind my ear and  playfully press Marusya’s ass back against Sasha. She chuckles sleepily, her breath deliciously hot on my neck.

I lie on my pillow and stare at one of my hands, admiring the soft silkiness and the perfect glossy nails so different from my own. I curl my fingers and watch them delicately dance on my pillow.

“What are you doing?” Sasha whispers in my ear.

I smile, “Admiring Marusya’s body.”

“Me too,” she says, and slides one hand down my butt and between my legs. Her other hand slides under my neck and around to play with my breasts. She cups one breast gently, tracing soft circles around my nipples, which quickly perk up under her caresses. The hand between my legs slides back and forth, teasing but not quite penetrating my nether lips. She nibbles my neck, sending delightful tingles down my spine. I clinch my knees together as my pussy grows moist, Sasha’s hand rubs back and forth with increasing pressure and her hand goes slick with my juices. She grabs my breast and pinches my nipple. Beautiful pain shoots through my body. I gasp as her searching fingers slide inside me and press against my clit. She plays my body, pinching and squeezing while I writhe and moan.

She kneels and pushes me onto my back, then lowers herself between my smooth legs. She sees the wetness of my body, my desire for her, and she grins. Then she buries her face in my pussy.


Her hands grasp my waist and her probing tongue flicks up against the hood of my clitoris. I moan softly and stare down at her as she looks back up at me with her mouth full of pussy. My pussy! The sight of Marusya’s body being eaten out and the feel of Sasha’s hungry tongue inside me drives me wild. I grab Sasha’s head and push her deeper inside while I writhe in ecstasy, my girlish moans growing louder, faster, higher as pleasure shoots through every pore. Hearing myself get fucked as Marusya makes me even hornier and the waves of pleasure rise over me, carrying me onward until I reach the top and my knees buckle as I scream, letting the pleasure carry me onward as I thrust my dripping pussy towards Sasha’s loving mouth over and over, until it starts to ebb and I ride the wave down, whimpering with unleashed desire until Sasha raises her head, my juices dripping from her mouth.

“I’ve always wanted to do that,” she grins, and all I can do is nod. I wish I could wake up like this every day.

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