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Sexy Marusya



sexymarusya  requested another story about swapping bodies with her and I got excited thinking about it so here goes, a sort of continuation, minutes after the swap:

I look down at my new body, excited to explore the sexy curves that moments ago I had only seen in pictures. I sweep my small hand down my side, feeling every dimple and perfect imperfection. My hand reaches my ass, Marusya’s ass, and I grab it, enjoying the full firmness. I give it a small slap and a thrill runs through me, a girlish giggle escapes my soft, new lips. I’d always wanted to smack that adorable little butt when I saw her pictures and now I can do it as much as I want.

I have a sudden urge to take some pictures of my new body. I’ve only got a week as her and I want to take advantage of every minute. I want to drive some men wild with desire. Just thinking about it brings out a nice warmth between my legs. I realize I’ve taken on some of her body’s desires.

I set up her computer’s camera and take some photos. CLICK Arching my back I stick out my lovely, rounded ass. CLICK CLICK I sit on the chair, grab my perky tits and play with my nipples. CLICK CLICK I’m still thinking very much like a man, and Marusya’s body responds like a woman’s, enjoying the rising tide of pleasure. Of being both desired and desirable. CLICK I watch myself playing with my new body in the monitor. CLICK A tension rises between my legs and while one hand gently massages a breast, the other slides down to explore. Past my flat stomach and over the small strip of course hair that marks the opening I desire. I slip a finger in and soon find my sweet spot. I know it because my entire body lights up. I rub faster, no longer taking pictures but still watching myself on the monitor as my sexy blonde body gasps in delight, slow at first, but soon quickening.

I grab the vibrator she graciously left next to the computer, as though she knew what I desired. One finger is no longer enough and I use all of my fingers to increase my desire while I flip on the vibrator and slowly push it inside me. In and out, slowly, almost teasing myself. I lean my head back, close my eyes, my blonde hair tickles down my shoulders. I groan in pleasure. I want more. I speed up the vibrator. In and out. In and out. Faster, as the wonderful tension speeds up, builds, pushes outwards and suddenly, “Ooohhhh” I moan as I reach the crest. Hearing Marusya’s voice moan, my sexy Russian accent, in the heat of passion makes me even hotter. Another crest. “Ooohh, God.” My body wants more. I want more. The vibrator pounds me and “Ooohhh yes, yes.” That was the one. I slow down my exertions. Open my eyes. Enjoy Marusya’s body staring back at me from the monitor. Flushed with excitement. Finally, finally, I am sated.

I’m going to have to do that again very soon. But first, I plan to dress up my new body and take it out for a spin. She must have plenty of things in her wardrobe I can wear to show off my adorable little body.

I’m only in here for a week, but I imagine it’ll be a pretty sexy week.

To be continued?

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