Body Swap Mega Bundle

If you haven’t read any of my longer stories now’s your chance with this collection of my body swap and possession stories. This collection features 10 previously published stories and is available exclusively on Amazon . Plus, if you have kindle unlimited you can read it for free! The Body Swap Mega Bundle includes the following stories:

Be My Neighbor
(M2F Body Theft)
When Luke accidentally swaps bodies with the hot lawyer next door, he’s got to learn to live her life quick while she tries to switch them back. But after experiencing the full pleasures of being her, he may decide he never wants to go back.

Using Her
(M2F Body Possession)
I need some closure from my sometimes-girlfriend, and I’m going to get it by possessing her body.

Double Cross (from Hostile Takeover)
(F2F Body Theft)
Alyson’s grandmother, Miriam, willed her a mysterious necklace after she passed. Wearing it allows Miriam to possess her twenty year old granddaughter’s amazing body. Little does she know, someone else wants Alyson’s body as well.

Ticket to Ride
(M2F Body Possession)
She’s a gorgeous, sexy stranger and soon I’ll be inside her body and able to explore at my leisure.

Failing the Test (from Mind Games)
(F2F Body Swap)
A woman tests her husband’s devotion by swapping bodies with a stunning ebony prostitute and tempting him. He passes the test, but she returns to find her body gone and is forced into someone else’s life of prostitution.

In the Doghouse
(Female to Dog Body Swap)
An experiment has swapped Jenny into the body of her dog, and if she doesn’t get swapped back soon the change may be permanent. Her dog has gained her human abilities and memories, and already enjoyed the feel of her curvy new body.

(M2M and M2F Body Theft)
When the school bully finds a ring that lets him possess people, he takes over the life of everyone who’s wronged him for the ultimate revenge.

Fit (from Stranger Inside)
(M2F Body Possession and Mind Control)
I’ve always had a thing for the rich, sexy women that apparently do nothing all day but exercise at the park. Today I’m going to possess one and enjoy the life of a glamorous woman.

Substitute Teacher
(M2F Body Possession)
Will didn’t think the spell to possess his teacher’s body would work. But when it does, he and his friends have a ton of fun with his teacher’s gorgeous form.

I Stole My Stepmom’s Body
(M2F Body Theft)
A son takes over his stepmom’s body for a vacation with just the girls, and a night of exploring his voluptuous body that he’ll never forget.

And for my Smashwords readers, look for some sales coming up during Smashwords’s holiday sale next week. Keep checking my site for an announcement.


    1. Thank you! Possibly. This one was a commission. Animal swaps aren’t really my thing but if I get commissioned to do one, sure.

  1. Smashword next? Cannot buy it in amazon because it’s not available, thanks i like your work keep up the goodwork, maybe u can write about criminal stories next time

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