Bimbo Pool

“You have to get out!” Ashley called to his friend, Nolan, from the edge of the Bimbo Pool.
“Why?” giggled Nolan, his voice now a high-pitched and bubbly. “I feel so nice.”
Even as Ashley watched from the side, Nolan’s tits expanded to massive proportions, his waist slimmed, and the blonde hair curled down his neck. His intelligence had already dropped dangerously low and if he didn’t get out in the next few seconds the changes would be irreversible.
Nolan was right out in the middle of the pool, soaking in the sun, heedless to the danger and his rapidly expanding chest. Ashley couldn’t take the risk of wading in after him, fearful that he, too, would succumb to the permanent changes of the Bimbo Pool. Nolan was only supposed to take a quick dip so they could have some fun, but he’d gone in too deep.
Nolan finally, finally, turned and began wading back to the side. When he pulled himself out he was glistening and his body was ridiculously proportioned, with tits bigger than basketballs, an impossibly tiny waist, and the world’s most perfect ass.
“Ooh, you’re cute,” Nolan said, his head now completely empty of any thought but pleasing men with his body.
His eyes were completely vacant, not a hint of the old Nolan. But maybe he was in there, trapped, knowing what had happened to him. Nolan had only one purpose now and, though Ashley was sad to lose his friend, he was happy to spend time with his new fuck buddy, her only thoughts to look good and to please him. Even if she was an absolute idiot, Nolan was the best lay Ashley ever had.

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