1. Hello, M.
    I’m inclined to ask if the end of the second paragraph is a typo and if you intended that Sarah was the, (now former (I love an oxymoron)), girlfriend of John? Or if it might be that Matt broke up with her after John seduced her for a few quick fucks only to dump her afterward?
    In the latter case I have a sense that her indiscretion might bring ‘Matt’ & ‘Sarah’ back together; To wit:

    “…leaving Matt alone in his new life.
    It was while cooling down in the admittedly – and astonishingly-arousing – afterglow of having his new pussy reach his first female orgasm while getting it pumped full of his brother’s loads semen that Matt let his delicate hand gently start surveying the flesh he now inhabited.

    Thinking aloud as the fingers of his right hand drew his smooth skin to goose-flesh by dancing nimbly over his stiffening nipples while those of his left began to cautiously explore the slick, velvety folds of Sarah’s delicious labia, Matt’s breathy, soprano voice questioned, “What the fuck have I done?! I only regretted breaking up with Sarah so much that I couldn’t help wanting another chance at being with her. And getting some revenge on John by using his built body for a while seemed too fitting to pass up!”

    Matt continued to caress his new body with growing eroticism at the sensations of squeezing his beautiful, perky breasts and two fingers parting his pussy lips to let their ‘sister’ slip inside Sarah’s soaked slit – letting a bit more of the combined juices ooze from his new hole to dribble down to his tight sphincter. “The selfish prick didn’t even use a fucking rubber! Go figure! The first time I get to feel a load shoot into my girlfriend’s wonderful womanhood and I’M the one getting my cunt flooded!”

    Recalling the sensation was undeniably euphoric as Matt kept fondling and fingering him/her-self so, he did not notice the door to Sarah’s bedroom slowly swing open until he heard…

    “Sniff. Sn-snffle. Ohmygod! M- M-Matt?!”

    His eyes and mouth took the shape of saucers as his pretty face turned to the door to encounter the vision of a very teary-eyed… HIM?! While the orbs of his former face had been obviously crying for some time due to their puffy, swollen redness, they were not the only part of his former flesh to appear swollen.

    “Ss-Sarah!?!” his high-pitched voice queried as his cheeks blushed hotly at being found teasing her stiff teats and fingering her engorged clit… Though, his hands did not cease their ministrations. “I-Is that really you?”

    Matt’s former girlfriend nodded his former head sheepishly, blushing as she noted the degree of arousal now evident in her pants. “I’m so sorry, baby! I-I don’t know what happened! Ss-some kind of punishment, I s’pose. John and I w-were… Then, – all of a sudden – ” the ex-girlfriend looked down for a second and let her new, male hand rub the bulge she was sporting, ” – I found myself stroking YOUR cock from inside your body and imagining using it to… ff-fuck…MYSELF!?”

    Matt kept his labia parted with the middle finger rubbing his clit and reveled in the feeling of his titties shifting on his chest as he leaned up on one elbow and beckoned Sarah with his other index finger, saying, “Then why don’t you… Stud?”


  2. jay finally found him herself now lying on a bed noq quite naked with her legs spread wide open she was lying on her back and she was being fucked as a girl she felt herself coming and now she realuized that she was never ever going back to being a boy no not ever again she knew she was going to get pregant!

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