Best friend and lover (reversed)

Zapper has made the perfect sequel to Best friend and lover from the new man’s point of view as Annie enjoys her new, masculine form:


Annie looked down at her own body watching her former delicate fingers move up and down her one-eyed man-muscle and felt the power of her new masculine lust build. Earlier that day she’d found a spell book, a tantric spell book, in a dusty old magic shop. Annie had a nearly perfect memory so memorizing the spells had been simple, particularly after she used one to transform into a perfect copy of Drake, the guy she’d been lusting after for months. It was a body of sophisticated cultured masculine delight; broad shoulders with smooth soft hands that had never worked a day.

Once in Drake’s form Annie figured she should pay Drake a visit. His upscale apartment was empty and then she heard someone at the door. When she opened it she saw Sam. Sam was a large, powerful man, a man whose raw masculine power intimidated Annie. Annie knew that Sam had a crush on her, and even though she’d made it clear she wasn’t interested he’d kept after her.

A slow smile drifted over her new handsome face, “Come on in, buddy.” Once inside Annie chanted the spell that transformed Sam into a perfect copy of her previous luscious feminine self.

“Oh, god, what did you do?” Sam gasped.

“You always wanted to get into Annie’s panties, well, I gotta say, you’re wearing them perfectly!” She growled. “Come with me.” Annie headed back to Drake’s bedroom and chanted the next spell, an obedience geas, as she stripped.

“What are you doing?” Sam asked, eyes sweeping over Drake’s naked body only to latch onto the huge tube-steak swinging freely between Annie’s legs. Sam’s skin felt flushed and his heart fluttered with excitement as a deep, moist, heat filled his crotch. He rubbed his soft thighs together in a useless attempt to fill the empty ache.

“Take off your clothes, Annie, and wrap those sweet little hands around my cock!”

The suggestion seemed like a good idea and stripping down to Annie’s underwear Sam climbed onto the bed feeling the velvety-smooth skin of Annie’s meat in his delicate fingers thrilled and appalled Sam.

“Suck my cock, you horny little cut!”

Annie wanted to laugh as Sam’s eyes went wide just before he took her cock into his sweet little mouth. The feeling of power, of domination, of pure concentrated carnal bliss radiated from her new tool and left Annie gasping.

“You’re such a natural little cock-sucker.” She moaned as her balls pulled up. Annie grabbed the back of Sam’s head forcing her shaft past Sam’s gag reflex.

Now fully deep-throated Annie felt her seed throb down her shaft and great pulses of masculine power.

“Oh GOD! YES!” she screamed in pleasure.

Annie pulled her softening cock from Sam’s mouth a slivery-rope of cum and saliva connect the helmet of her dick to Sam’s ruby-red lips for a moment. When the last connection between her love-muscle and Sam’s sweet lips collapsed, Annie saw a look of lust, and disappointment, flash over her former feminine features.

Chanting a quick cantrip Annie felt her dick respond quickly growing stiff. To her surprise, she didn’t have to say anything to Sam. The delight and lust that flashed over Sam’s face said it all. Sam crawled forward rubbing every inch of his soft feminine body against Annie’s rock hard form before straddling Annie. Sam grasped Annie’s cock in her tiny hand and guided it to his sopping wet pussy.

The electric sensation of sensitive skin on sensitive skin caused Annie to gasp as Sam used his control of her cock to rub his cunt, coating her shaft with his juices and stimulating his clit. Then Sam, slowly, settled down on her one-eyed monster. The feeling of being enveloped in warm, tight, moist, heat almost caused Annie to explode. Then Sam, eyes closed in carnal passion, started rocking back and forth, up and down, and squeezing Annie’s shaft with his inner ring of muscles.

“You’re such a great fuck, Annie.” Annie moaned, reaching up to squeeze Sam’s perfect globes, pinching his nipples.

“Ooohh . . . god that feels good!” Sam gasped.

Needing to dominate and take control, Annie rolled Sam over onto his back and lifted his legs over her broad shoulders. Now in the dominate position Annie started jack-hammering her cock into Sam.

“Tell me how much you love this, you little slut!”

“Oh, g-god, y-y-yes, I-I love the feeling of your cock in me! Please, don’t stop!” Sam begged.

“Do you love being a woman?”

“Y-Yes, oh, fuck-yes!” Sam moaned, feeling the last bits of her masculine ego dissolve under the orgasmic-delight of his second female climax. “I love being a woman. I was meant to be your little cum-slut!” Sam cried.

Annie chanted again and her body transformed, shifting from Drake’s gentile-yet-handsome cultured body into the larger, muscular, barbarian like body of Sam. As she changed Annie felt her cock grow larger. Sam’s pussy had felt tight around her Drake-shaft but now it felt impossibly tight.

Sam’s lust filled eyes flew open and he gasped up at his former face. “O-Oh, God, you’re too big! P-Please, y-your splitting me in two!” Sam tried to wiggle his tight little bottom away from the huge man-muscle that had impaled him.

Annie grabbed Sam’s hips and rode along as Sam wiggled a fierce grin of delight dominating her rugged face. Then she started pumping into Sam using long slow strokes while teasing Sam’s clit with her thick thumb.

“Cum for me, bitch.” Annie whispered, and Sam shuddered as another orgasm washed through his nubile body. Seeing she was in total control of Sam, Annie flipped him onto all fours and mounted Sam from behind.

“I think we’ll make a great couple, Annie.” Annie said, enjoying the way her huge ball sack swung below her shaft in time to her pumping. “I’ll fuck you until you can’t sit down and you’ll scream for more.”

“Aahhhh . . . Sam moaned as SHE felt the helmet of Annie’s cock deep within her womb. Then the sting of Annie’s callused hand on her bare ass started a new fire within Sam’s luscious body.

“Oh, yes, I think I’ll enjoy being Sam. The college linebacker, the big-man-on-campus and you, you get to be Annie, my sexy-slut-girlfriend!” Annie said. Then HE felt his ball-sack tighten up as he thought about the future, a future filled with the sexy-new-Annie serving his every pleasure. The explosion of cum burst down Annie’s shaft in wave after wave of carnal heat.

Sam felt the explosion of man-heat burst into her womb and her body shuddered with the most powerful climax of the afternoon. In that instant Sam knew she never wanted to give up her new body and was glad she had the courage to allow such a powerful man to take her and make her his cum-slut!


  1. Reading this I have only one request left: becoming the REAL woman I always was meant to be permanently, and then also enjoying these fantastic deliciously intimate ecperienced. I genuinely want this to happen to me too asap. – Tom –

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