Be My Neighbor (Preview)

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Luke is an average young man barely making his way in the world when one night he mysteriously swaps bodies with the high powered — and hot — lawyer next door. She can’t afford to take time off so he’s got to be a quick study because she drills him on her life and the legal profession. 

But when Luke isn’t with her, he’s imagining getting drilled on other things. His new body is enticingly sensual and it’s only a matter of time before he desires to experience everything.

And once he discovers the full pleasures of her body, will he ever want to go back to his own life?

This erotic story contains male to female body swapping, humiliation, and explicit erotic scenes.

Looking down at his sweaty post-gym form, Luke announced, “I need a shower.”

She didn’t look up from her computer. “You’re not taking my body into the shower.” The fact that she’d taken his into the shower daily was apparently beside the point.

“So,” he asked, “I’m just going to go to your office like this tomorrow, am I?”

She looked up and gave her body a quick once-over and apparently saw reason. “Fine but be ready for more study when you’re done. And make sure you do the deep conditioning treatment—massage it in, concentrating on the end of the hair and let it sit for ten minutes. And use the vanilla sugar scrub. One squirt about the size of a dime and—”

Luke headed to the bathroom and slammed the door. She didn’t even trust him to shower correctly. Bitch!

He stripped off his clothes, fumbling with his bra and finally just yanking it off, tearing the fabric in the process. Fuck it. He turned on the shower and stared at Catherine’s naked image in the mirror. He knew how to live with this face, this body. He’d proven that already and she still didn’t trust him. Well, she could have her fucking body back, he was sick of it.

“You want these tits back?” He murmured to his mirror image. He gripped his tits in both hands and squeezed, enjoying watching Catherine’s face twist in pain, even if it was him that was feeling it. He sneered at himself as he pinched a nipple, squeezing hard until he was doubled over in pain. Goddamn that hurt. But at the same time, he was enjoying torturing Catherine’s body. Screw it, it was his now. He was going to reward himself for doing such a good job.

He stepped into the shower and let the hot water sluice down Catherine’s body. He squeezed some soap onto his hands and began rubbing it all over his body, enjoying the slippery sensations, the touch of his skin. He rubbed his tits, holding them up and dropping them, watching them bounce back in to position. Her boobs did feel pretty nice. He slid his hands in between his legs, soaping his thighs, squeezing his legs to trap his hand in between as he tickled Catherine’s pussy, felt her scratchy pubic hair, his finger slipping in between her wet opening.

He deserved this.

With his other hand still fondling his tits, he pushed two fingers inside himself, sighing as he stroked Catherine’s heat. She would kill him if she knew what he was doing. The thought made him warm and tingly. Fuck her. This was his body to do with as he pleased. Just imagining what she would say sent a burst of warmth through him. Even through the constant flow of the shower he could feel his pussy growing slick as he continued massaging himself. His fingers came up and slipped over a swollen lump, causing him to shiver and gasp. That must be the clit. He pressed harder, rubbing firmly but slowly as his other fingers tickled his breast.

A fire warmed his way up between his thighs, filling his body. He stared down at himself, watching as he continued masturbating in Catherine’s body. He slammed his fingers inside his pussy as deep and as fast as he could, fucking Catherine’s body roughly, gritting his teeth and murmuring, “You fucking like that? Take it, bitch.” Seeing his beautiful feminine fingers sunk inside his cunt, feeling himself penetrating himself, torturing Catherine’s body made him cum suddenly and hard. He dropped his tit and rammed his fingers into his mouth to stifle his cry of pleasure. Relief and desire blasted through him and he threw back his head as the sensations rebounded through him, cooling slowly. He needed more, but at that moment Catherine knocked loudly on the door.

“What’s taking so long?” She shouted.

Fuck. Did she have any idea what he was doing? She must. Sheepishly, he shut off he water toweled himself off and returned to Catherine.

But he didn’t forget how he’d made himself feel.

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