Bad girl

The swap brothel offers a chance for people to temporarily become any of the girls on offer for a price. Tyler’s been a regular for months, swapping into his favorite big breasted beauty, Mia, and enjoying himself. But one day while he’s inside Mia she escapes with his body, leaving him trapped in her gorgeous body until the police can find her. Can he escape before her desires become his own? Available on Smashwords, Amazon, or wherever ebooks are sold. Preview here.


  1. jay could scarly realy belive it yet it was now true jay went to the mirrior and just stood their lokking and looking at him heself oh my god it’s just finally happened i’m i’m a real girl now i’m in a very short skirt and this loveky blouse fits my new shape just right just look i’ve got breast now and whats this other strange feeling from between my legs oh wait my penis is all gone i’ve got a vagina pussy down their now and oh my god it’s all wet just look at my new butt and my newly formed hips all rounded m my arms are now much thinner and have lost all of that male muscle mass my hands are now muuch smaller and my figures are tappered my figure nails are long now my legs are soft and smooth even my feet have changed i feel funny inside like my whole internal sex organs have changed to oh now i know i can get pregant now i can carry a baby inside of me now my hair has growen out it is still blonde but it is all very long now and very girlish my eyes have widened and my nose is smaller my adams apple is gone to and my new voice is very much higher in pitch oh oh oh my i’m i’m a real girlnow i have on lipstick on my mouth!

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