Ask for forgiveness later

Elle-Jae has given me some inspiration for  a second part to this one. Pretty damn hot, Elle! The original is reposted below, followed by Elle-Jae’s segue and the sequel. Enjoy!:


“… “UhnhohMyGH-hoDD-Juh-Jess! I huh-uh-huh-hope you c-can-fff-horgive mm-me fff-fhorr-this!” grunted Emily under her breath – and in her daughter’s voice – as she took the stiff shaft of Mason’s hard cock into her new, youthful, tight slit.

“Ffuh-horGuh- give you what… Mmm-mom?!”

“MMmuh… MOM?! HUH-who the ff-FUCK are you?!” asked Emily as she marveled at the size of the member plunging into her daughter’s depths and pulling back ’til its huge glans bumped against the interior of her – somehow, borrowed?! – pussy. Jess had never brought hits guy home to meet her.

The man behind Emily very slowly slid his manhood to its uttermost length into Jess’ slippery snatch, making Emily tilt her pelvis so that she could feel his sack against her daughter’s clit as the deep voice assured her, “It’s me, mom; Jess! I wuh- wanted to sswwuh- swap bodies with Mason, bh-but he waz-z wasn’t too keen on fucking hih-himself… GhAWd-I’m s-so tight!”

Meanwhile, at Emily’s home:
The lights cam back on and Mason found himself holding a flashlight and caught the movement of his reflection in the window over the sink as Emily had been heading for the breaker box. He turned to look and saw the lovely face of Jess’ mom looking back at him from the window…”



  1. I’m using hover zoom and can see the thumbnail image quite clearly if you want to read the missing image, try “hoverzoom” on the chrome web store.

  2. Elle, M,

    This one was just calling out for “what happened next.” I hope you don’t mind.


    Mason moved toward the window, flashlight falling to the floor unnoticed, as he brought slender feminine fingers up to his face. “E-Emily?” The sound of a soft alto, so different from his normal deep bass shocked him. Mason had seen several pictures of Jess’s mom but they hadn’t done justice to the very sexy, if slightly chuby, forty-year-old. Mason could feel every inch of his new female form, from the heavy weight of Emily’s full breasts to the round full bottom that had replaced his athletic ass, to the smooth curve of his feminine crotch.

    “O-oh, fuck. Jess!” The realization hit Mason, his girlfriend Jess had wanted to swap bodies and then have sex. The idea of being a woman was a little scary and at the same time very exciting. Yet, Mason had refused, the idea of screwing his own body, being impaled by his own one-eyed monster, Jess driving him to the heights of ecstasy with his tool had been too much. So he’d told her no.

    “Hey, Emily, forget the circuit-breaker and come back to bed.” Mason spun around and lost his balance. Luckily, Emily’s husband, Jess’s step-dad, Hank was there. “I know you’re a light-weight, but two glasses of wine and your already tipsy?”

    “I-I don’t . . .” Mason started to say and then he realized all he was wearing was a t-shirt and pink panties. Hank was completely naked!

    “Well, don’t worry babe, I’ve got just what you need.”

    Hank scooped Mason up in his strong arms and carried him through the dark house to the bedroom. Mason felt so small and helpless in Hank’s strong arms and the wine in his system made it hard to think. When Hank settled them onto the bed and started kissing him Mason tried to protest but his body was on fire with need. Then feeling Hank suck, hard, on a fat pink nipple caused Mason to curl his toes and whisper, “I-I need you.”

    At first he didn’t even realize he’d spoken and then he felt Hank hook the side of his panties pulling them down.

    Mason wiggled his large hips to help and felt a slap of cold air on his hot moist pussy lips. Then Hank moved up pressing the helmet of his cock against Mason’s aching moist tunnel. The feeling of sensitive skin on skin sent little jolts of electricity through Mason’s body and then the popping sensation as Hank thrust deep into Mason, filling him, felt better than he could have imagined.
    “Ahhhhhh” he moaned wrapping his legs around Hank’s pistoning hips.

    On the other side of town Jess let out a deep manly groan of pleasure as she impaled Emily, in her hot young body, with her new manly spear. Magic set her blood to fire and Jess felt her borrowed balls pull up tight . . . Just as she shot a load of Mason’s seed into her former womb Hank exploded into Emily’s pussy.

    Nine months later Mason pushed out Jess’s little brother while one room over Emily gave birth to her daughter’s daughter. Jess still stuck in Mason’s body, until he gave birth, held Emily’s hand playing the role of the proud father.



    1. “…playing the role…”? I wouldn’t be surprised if, after nine months of being ‘the proud daddy-to-be’, Jess hasn’t settled into her masculine form – and function – by now. Since it sounds like Mason and Emily are now free to switch bodies, I wonder if they would even want to after spending their respective gestation periods growing attached to their new children – or, having their children grow attached to them, as it were.

      I’m also curious whether Hank ever got clued-in to what had happened with Mason and Emily, or if Mason just attributed any changes in hi- ‘her’ personality to the hormonal imbalances of conception & child-bearing? Might be interesting if – just to put things back to ‘normal’ between the two couples, and since the initial swap was a three-way to begin with – Emily surprises Hank by swapping him into her body and Mason into Jess’ as Emily takes occupancy of her Hank’s.

      Great twists, Zapper! Thanks for throwing your thoughts into the ring and giving us the bizarre mix of having, essentially, three generations of Jess’s family in one body.


      1. I’m betting the three might stay the new mom’s connection to their children is the most important reason why. However Mason not wanting to have sex with his own body means he wouldn’t want to be Jess and Emily I’m sure would rather be her daughter having sex with her daughters husband then being in Mason’s body. So if Jess is happy with her new found manhood they’ll probably stay that way

        1. The new mothers would probably want to stay with their kids. But that doesn’t mean they can’t switch with their partners…

          1. for some I think having sex with their own body might be weird or like if the mom was in the son in laws body having sex with her daughter, that’s just my opinion though. That’s why I love how the swaps worked in this one, because jess was the one who wanted the swap in the first place so she was prepared for sex with her body. Finding out it was her mom was weird but they both love each other and would have a new experience with each other and the mom being a woman would show the daughter how a man should feel rather then Mason as Jess since he has no experience as a woman I’m sure the sex would be better with her mom in her body. Plus the mom gets a younger body so that’s a plus, then being with her daughter someone she loves as well and vice versa for Jess, I’m sure they would love that.

            Mason seemed willing to try being a woman he just didn’t want to do it with himself, so doing it with Hank someone who could give him the full experience of being a woman and knowing all the spots to hit on his wife’s body something Jess couldn’t do and wouldn’t know. The real Hank, might make him realize how great being a woman is. Then having Jess and her mother together its not like Jess left him for another man, seeing that their happy together, mother and daughter I don’t think he’d be jealous. I fact seeing how happy she was as him he might worry about sending her back to her body, because he still wouldn’t want to have sex with himself as Jess, would Jess be happy as a woman again.

            Then Jess knowing how great Mason is as a partner would know her dad’s in a very good place with Mason as his wife. Emily might even believe that before hand seeing Mason and Jess together, plus she loves and trusts her daughter so Jess thought Mason was good enough for her before, and now thinks Mason is good enough for her father why should she worry. I think they might just stay in their perfect new homes.

  3. As ever, M, I am flattered that you have enjoyed and re-posted the tale’s segue that your caption inspired in my twisted mind! Am I missing something though? It sounded like you have composed another page that picks up where I left-off?!


      1. Yea! Yum, M! In your ‘timeline’ I can just imagine Emily now finding herself a bit … How shall we say? … Hooked on the sensations of having a younger body handled by the one who knows best what – and how – to do with it. Although, I am left with the question of whether Mason is now inclined to try ‘being’ Jess as she does him with his own gear?


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