1. I could probably relate to Thomas’ excitement and desire for trying out various possibilities with his first mount. But, I am wondering if you have more images of this lovely lady, M, because…

    “… {Or at least ‘stunt his growth’ as a bodyhopper}, thought Owen as he watched his overly-exuberant trainee snapping selfies of his MILFish mount while the elder hopper felt the wet heat growing in Lisa’s silken loins.

    “Here, kiddo,” purred Owen to the younger hopper in the older body of his mount’s stepmother, “let me get a taste of those pretty pussy-lips… ‘MOM!” The mature hopper in Lisa’s young body knelt down between the broadly spread legs of his mount’s stepmother to suck Thomas’ slick flaps and lap the juice from the depths of his borrowed vagina.

    Thomas was virtually paralyzed by the expert oral ministrations of Owen as the old man used Lisa’s mouth & tongue like a vacuum & dildo, respectively, only able to grab Lisa’s head to pull Owen’s pretty face harder against his mount’s muffin while his cunt drew closer to another climax.

    Owen could tell the kid was almost ready to cum again so, he paused his pussy-eating to taunt Thomas and say, “Now, let me show you what the biggest thing I can shove in that pussy is!” With that, the elder hopper took the vibrator from Thomas’ manicure fingers and pressed it against Lisa’s engorged clit before covering her stepmom’s soaking slit with her mouth and inducing Thomas’ next – and most mind-blowing – orgasm thus far!

    With Thomas convulsing in climax – and thus, unable to do much other than ride the waves of ecstasy his mount’s body was providing – Owen let Lisa take over the hand that ‘she’ was using to rub her stepmother’s vibrator on & around her own clit while the bodyhopper ‘reached’ into the older woman’s vaginal cavity.

    “UHH-h-hhng-HOFUCK,” Thomas’ own voice gasped at the new sensation flowing into his stolen sex, “WHaHH-HUH… WhattheFFF-huCK is thuh-THAT?!” cried the immature hopper in the mature woman’s flesh as he realized that there was something terribly unnatural about what he could feel filling his mount!

    Lisa now had control of her own hands and used one to play with her firm, young titties as she continued to rub her clit with the vibrator while Owen lapped & sucked voraciously on her s-mom’s pussy as his own entity slowly oozed into the pretty MILF’s cumming cunt with Lisa’s beginning to clench in her own, approaching orgasm!

    For a few moments Owen could actually feel Lisa’s tight pussy start coming as well as the spasms of his protege’s cumming cunt while he ate ‘himself’ and using Lisa’s mouth to drive their orgasmic intensity beyond all comprehension! There was even a point at which his movement from Lisa into the body Thomas occupied felt like he was fucking them all at once and even sucking his ‘soul’ as he left Lisa to keep eating the pussy now under Owen’s control… With the junior hopper pinned between his teacher and the flesh he had been so cavalier with only moments ago!

    Assuming the dominant position in her s-mom’s body, Owen quickly hit another apex of sexual sensation as he watched Lisa – totally under her own control – shudder with astonishingly powerful climax while she kept on lapping at the succulent flaps or her stepmother’s insatiable slit! “Oh-GHAwd, you’re so good at that!” Owen’s deep timbre resonated through the chest of his new mount and made her nipples vibrate into phenomenal stiffness! “And you, Thomas, need to learn how to hop responsibly and treat your mounts with some respect as they provide you the gifts their bodies have to offer.”

    {WhattheFUCK’dyouDO?!?} thought Thomas, unable to vocalize his words now that he was also a passenger in this body… Just like the owner of this beautiful flesh who’d been pushed-aside when he hopped her. Owen, Thomas and Lisa’s stepmother all saw the confused look in Lisa’s eyes at hearing the elder hopper’s voice come from the woman’s mouth, but they all continued to receive the younger woman’s oral attention, since she was so thoroughly savoring the pussy of the woman her father was also fucking! …”

    It would be fun to see you make a follow-up of our – now double-hopped – MILF and the junior-bodyhopper’s reaction to taking part in this instructional/punative “ride-along”, M. I’m thinking that you pick up the story after the suggestion I’ve just offered – assuming that any additional images are of this beauty toying her own luscious pussy solo.


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