A Weekend Away part 2


I rest my head on my former chest and stare down at what use to be my penis. I wrap Meghan’s small hands around it and stroke it gently, fascinated. Any guy who says they’ve never thought about sucking their own dick is a liar.

“Mmmm, keep doing that.” Meghan in my body moans.

Still stroking, I bring my head closer to my dick. I’m enthralled and entranced. Still stroking I bring my new soft lips down and kiss the tip. Hearing my male body moan makes me excited. Tentatively, I open my mouth a little wider and place Meghan’s lips over the whole head. I taste my cock for the first time. Mingled odors, sweat, musk, that combine to form a powerful taste of man. I’m surprised to find I enjoy it. I close my eyes and push my long hair back as I take more of it in my mouth. Slowly, back and forth, taking more and more into me.

We both moan in delight. I open wide and see how far I can take this cock. Not all the way, but far enough. Enough to fill my mouth. I slide my tongue up and down my former dick. Enjoying the taste, the sensation of my breasts, the pleasure I’m able to induce in Meghan as I hear her heavy breathing.

I slowly bob my head up and down on his penis, all the while stroking the bottom of the shaft with my perfectly manicured hand. I taste what I think is cum. I choke in surprise. I raise my head, hair falling around my shoulders and gaze at the pleasure I’m giving Meghan in my body.

“Keep going.”

Surprised, I place my lips back over the head, swallowing the shaft. I feel a heavy hand on my head. It grabs my hair firmly and lifts me up and down, gently forcing me up and down the glistening cock. I start to get tingly, I have no other way to describe it. Something about giving up control, being guided, forced almost. It’s thrilling. I close my eyes, savoring the moment.

His hand moves faster, more urgently. Up and down, faster and faster.

“Oh, God.” I’m ready for it this time. His cock tenses, ripples, his hot essence jets into my mouth. Salty. Powerful. I take it all. Swallow it down. The thrill it gives me to do this is unexplainable.

I raise my head and smile at Meghan.

“Wow, no wonder you like that.” His eyes are closed. Spent. I toss my hair back and rest my head on his chest again. He absentmindedly strokes my back with his fingers.

I can’t believe what I’ve done, but I’m a woman now, and I kind of enjoyed it. And, actually, it had made me a little horny. This was going to be an interesting weekend.

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