A taste of his own medicine

Request: Hi there, I really like your stories and wondered if you could write one for me. My bf Mike is always asking me if we can have sex w/o a condom and I was hoping you’d maybe write a story where I change him to a girl and arrange for HIM to get fucked w/o one to see how he deals with the uncertainty that comes with it. Then I can leave him on his own to deal with the mess. Hope you like the idea.

For more vengeful body theft stories check out Stolen: A Body Theft Short Story Collection. Find a preview here.


  1. oh my god thought jay what is happening here where am i oh god i’m i’m a woman now i’m i’m on my back on a bed and i’m i’m having girl sex and i’m i’m coming i’m i’m going to gt pregant i’m i’m never ever going back now i’m i’m a real woman now oh oh oh my god this feels so good so right!

  2. yes yes yes pleasure me even more i’m finally having girl sex i’m lying on my back now legs spead wide and i’m coming as the girl now and without any protection i’m i’m going to get pregant now yes yes yes i want to have a baby now yes yes yes please!

  3. Oh my, please please do write a sequel to this! I want to know if he’s pregnant or if she allows him to swap back. 🙂

    1. I like the idea of a follow up too… maybe Melissa switches back and he goes to her for help but she just Calls in another guy to get him laid again to maximize his chances of getting stuck? Not sure what’d make sense…

      Id like to see him Get his comeuppance and be sealed as a pregnant woman while she laughs about it, heh.

      Regardless, great work!

      1. Not a bad idea, but maybe it would be better if she had the guy wear a condom to start and take it off later to plant his seed unexpectedly. Seems like that would be a bit of poetic justice hahaha

  4. Holy shit that’s hot. I always like a revenge story where the girl turns the tables on a guy. Even more so when the transformation sticks!

  5. Wow – Super hot and what a cool twist at the end. lol – I wonder if he learned his lesson? Or if he grabs her for round two, hoping to never give up his new body?


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